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ARRSE & Bad CO in Defence Focus Magazine (MoD publication)

Tried clicking on the link, but it goes to the main page rather than the article. Searching the site for "arrse" "army rumour service" and "rum ration" comes up with nothing. Any chance of a link to the article?


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Pretty little thing aren't you? Fancy going out for a drink, I'll buy!
Biped said:
Pretty little thing aren't you? Fancy going out for a drink, I'll buy!

Can I call meself Deborah and will you squeal like a pig?
I don't think that there is a link on the Internet to the interview with Bad CO. I have had permission from the man himself to put the full unedited article on ARRSE.

When I get some spare time later on today I shall do it.
Spare time!! sod work, get on with it now!!
Bad CO said:
As far as I'm aware Defence Focus has nil security classification and I'm pretty sure its meant to be distributed to industry etc. Yet another reason why I was unwilling to let them know too much ......

I was pretty happy with the article and have already said so to the lady who interviewed me/wrote it. Unfortunately I don't appear to have received my vast cheque yet .... and in fact they didn't even stand me a cup of coffee from the nasty machines in Main Building!

Nice to see some sort of semi-official recognition though - perhaps the most interesting quote was from the AD of Defence PR......

I don't see a problem as long as security is not compromised and it is clear that views expressed are personal ......

I believe these new(!!!) technologies present many more opportunities than they do risk. We will be looking at how MOD might engage with these new channels in 2007

On that later point - we look forward to hearing from you and would be quite happy to create an official MOD user. I'm sure that ARRSErs would love to hear the official line on many of the points that are discussed daily on here.

Classic, I nearly wet myself.

What on earth makes you think that the MoD have a clue what, 'the official line', is? Sec Def clearly makes it up on the spot and then, perhaps, briefs the CS later...
Have 14 Regt got an Arrse Cell ramping up? Are the lads from Haverfordwest already scanning the ether for anti-blairite thoughtwaves?
We getting a copy or link to the interview or what?
Here, at last, is the write up from Defence Focus. (Some of us are busy you know.......honest. :wink: ) As I mentioned earlier in the thread Bad CO is quite happy with it being placed here for all to see. The only bit that I've omitted is the rather dodgey looking photo of the soldier at his keyboard with ARRSE on his monitor. (No it wasn't Bad CO in the photo.)



That is the first and propbably only time that i have ever, ever read something remotely interesting on the 'in-house journal'. Good article but if we are looking for savings I nominate Focus as being first up against the wall. Soldier is strong (and thoroughly absorbent) and the read of choice. Focus is just back-slapping civvy puff.

Nice to see the site and the COs getting some recognition though.

Don't get me started on DMJ...
Nice one Active_Edge_841

Not sure about 'Rob' though, Bad Co sounds much better
DozyBint said:
No mate - he's Spartacus!

No. I'm Spartacus.

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