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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ScouseD, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. It’s been another orgasmically successful year of drunken argument, unwarranted abuse, warranted abuse, and an occasional bit of useful information followed by abuse. But what were the highlights of ARRSE 2010?

    Who was the twatiest twat? Most deservedly abused? Top abuser (to be awarded the 5A Veiny Treat Cup and Internal Bleeding)? Quickest to outrage? Strangest poster (The Iron Duke Gong of Loveliness Award)? Most outstanding Gobshite?

    My votes:

    Most persistent badgering for a model train set thread: The Iron Duke
    Spode award for Standing on a Little Box Spouting Shite: IVV
    The Stacker Award for Integration and Tolerance: Suggestions welcome
    The Not Being Tropper or Maybe I am Award: jim24
    The Not Being jim24 or Maybe I am Award: Tropper
    The Barely Coherent Angry Man Award (The Western Medal): Western

    Your votes, please…
  2. Suggestion provided.
  3. Seconded.......
  4. Suggestion,

    Most outstanding Art & General morale boosting viewing material:Meridian

    You all know where to find it, if not shame on you ;-)
  5. Best Fund Raising Award - Mitt Mayo and Co for BLISMA coin
  6. A fine and worthy suggestion. For his sensitive and emotive nicked picture of topless nuns with enormous jubblies:

    The Double D Cup for Outstanding Norkage Image Acquisition: Meridian

    The Cup’s a bit salt-rusted but it’ll be a fine once he’s cleaned it a bit.

    Maybe a lot. Wire wool would be useful. And a bucket and face mask.
  7. Here! Here! Meridian is the Gawd of Culture!!

    As for Western credit where credit's due - I think he's a Cnut! who knows he's a cnut!
  8. I’d like to alter one of my votes:

    The Spode Award for Standing on a Little Box Spouting Shite: First Prize: IVV. Runner Up: Stokie1
  9. Can I suggest the Magic Roundabout Award for going round in circles: Stacker1?
  10. Award for the most unsuccesfull UAF troll of 2010 goes to..............ScouseD :puker:
  11. How about most forgetful poster I nominate - was I going up the stairs or down the stairs?
  12. :rofl:

    So far you’ve stated on another thread that I’m a black communist, UAF sympathiser and pro-Islam. Being that I’m actually a white atheist with mostly centre-right political views I’m seriously beginning to doubt your reliability as an astute socio-political commentator.

    Still, it’s nice of you to confirm that EDL supporters are intellectually challenged gobshites with a very tenuous grasp of reality. Please, keep up the good work.
  13. What about the Fat, Waste of Space Narcolepsy award - Awarded to Whet
  14. Best wind up - Wedge35 for his outstanding April 1st offering.
  15. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    why thank you gents