Arrse Attitudes

What is the attitude of the CofC to Arrse?

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I'm interested to find out what your experience is of attitudes towards Arrse in the wider Army and particularly amongst the chain of command.
CO and RSM CUOTC are fans. They some times get annoyed at people taking pot shots behind hidden ID's. They have been known to adopt suggestions posted here on ARRSE.
Know of at least 2 half colonels who use the site and think it is a good thing, whether they have ventured into the NAAFI bar or not I don't know!
My CO positively encourages me to use ARRSE - it means I don't annoy him half as much as I would otherwise.
I have experienced both positive and negative.

The positive comments come from people who have actually bothered their arrses to find out what all the hoohah is about - the negative from those who instantly reach for well worn phrases like 'it runs contrary to the spirit of the Armed Forces'.

These are the sort of luddites we can well do without, so who gives a flying monkeys either way IMHO.

Interestingly, the squealing that starts up when you deny the CofC from reading certain forums (fora) is highly revealing - the loudest squeals tend to come from those selfsame individuals who decry it the most.
There is one "star rank" who has been an actuive contributor to to the forums in the recent past (not seen him around recently though, but he may still be lurking).

Other famous story is of one of the the site mods being sat in amongst his peers at a G1 lecture in the staff "college of knowledge" when the PoD announces that commanders could do worse than look at "this web site" (cue power point slide of the ARRSE home page).

Depending on how ourtward looking the CofC is will determine who amongst it values the content. I understand that there is a cautiously warm reception.


In which case, the army is a splendid organistion in which no officer would act in a caddish manner whatsoever. It is a bastion of fairness and equal opportunities. I'm positively inspired to greater things by the example set by my former chain of command. I'm sure all of the lies, falsified evidence, lack of proper investigation and persecution I suffered was just their way of toughening me up. I take my hat off to their outstanding leadership and only wish that I'd realised that the stress I suffered as a result of their conduct was merely lack of moral fibre on my part. I will immediately prostate myself before the greatest military leaders it was my pleasue to suffer under.

For any senior officers who may be reading this, I'm being sarcastic...
fibre? prostate?? investigation???

christ, it gets worse! what kind of organisation is this??


Positive, on the bright side I've not got much time left in the army. I look forward to selling my secret recordings of officers saying one thing to me, then writing something else in their statements to some sleazy tabloid.
I feel genuinely sorry for whatever happened to you Herrenbloke, to make you quite so angry. I'd be careful with secret recordings if I were you; there may be some legal implications.


Ironically, I've got friends in the business who worked on Blackhawk down, so maybe I will give it the Hollywood treatment with Bradd Pitt playing my part and Gary Oldman playing multiple roles as the villainous types.
The negative attitudes must come from some very insecure higher-ups. "If the men are talking, they must be talking about me!" In some cases, no doubt the concern is justified.

The Tankie's higher-ups have been very nonchalant about it, enthusiastic readers and not averse to bringing up some of the posted opinions on the topics of the day in conversation (most recently the Blunkett discussion on the news board). They also admit to being periodic posters. The message seems to be: if you haven't done anything worth kvetching about, no reason to fear it.

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