Arrse attention whores

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. I've noticed that there has been a marked increase of attention whores joining arrse recently. Take for example this chopper:

    What brings them here and how can we get rid of the cnuts? I think its the recent culture of reality TV that creates them. These feckers deserve nothing more than a good boot up the grinner. How can we clamp down on munchers and their wannabe walt fans? Discuss!

    I think pink suits this tw@t better than desert colours! :D

  2. Super_Trooper,

    Why get rid of them, when we can laugh at them? It is all part of ARRSE surely.
  3. Aw, c'mon, SuperTrooper! I bet you'd be very hard put to find a squaddie who hasn't taken "ally piccies" for the folks back home of her/himself at some time.

    I've even got a few showing me with a Charlie G over me shoulder, or squatting in the driving seat of an Abbott. Cringeworthy, I know, since I was RAMC.

    Live and let live, man, FFS!

  4. Bugsy at last i agree with you , the lad is away on an operational tour ,
    which is a damn sight more than most of arrse has done . Good on him
    he is proud of his job . (my ally photos have since been removed from the gallery)
  5. Apparently forensic analysis shows he was posing on the beach at Margate...what now?
  6. When i read the title of this i thought it would be about certain individuals making pointless posts just to get attention on arrse to increase their psot count, not some lad having a laugh for a photo. Anyone else see the irony here?
  7. No...344..6
  8. No..honestly..344..7
  9. Nah can't be, I don't see any soiled nappies or dead dogs half buried in the sand. Nor do I see raw sewage pumping out into the water.
  10. He looks inbred, let him have his fun or he'll be back....excuse the pun!
  11. Damnitt, I thought this was going to be a thread specifically for the venting of spleens at the expense of that Winterton munter and the rest of her ilk.
  12. Me i thought this was going to be all about getting more Whores onto Arrse still nice pics lad good on you.
  13. I don't think pride in his job is what he's presenting with kill written on his forehead and holding a knife and a LMG. I thought British soldiers were beyond the 'Rambo' tactics and image used by the septics. We're suposed to be there to help people. I am sure this image could be used by the radicals to show the 'real reason' we're over there. I can understand wanting pictures for the folks back home but why post it on here? There are quite a few members here who have been on many operational tours and some of those who have done more than their fair share of fighting. I don't see them playing to the arrse audience. Sorry but this fella is an attention whore, pure and simple. If you don't agree, tough sh1te. I am always right! :D
  14. Oh come on we all have a giggle on tours mate , what about the video
    last year ''road to amarillo''? If the lad got his end away then good on him.
    I do agree the LMG looks a bit sus.
  15. I must be missing something here.

    He's holding an L4 LMG which I thought went out of service at least 10 years ago. Surely it is some little knobber with a deac trying to look the part. Got to agree with ST on this one.