Arrse at work.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kendo69, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Long time lurker and first time poster, I think as arrse has occupied almost every lunch hour I’ve had in the past couple of years it’s only fair I offer my bones to be picked  ) ill try keep it brief but it has a lot of content.
    I have got myself into a strange and unwanted situation at work that I thought some of the bolder members of the site might be able to help me with.
    I work in the super interesting world of maintenance planning and run a small team of help desk operators and a team of planned maintenance engineers who are out and about. The place where I work is a branch type affair with a manager, a contracts dept, a bit of Hr and some sales team above us.
    I really keep myself to myself, always have done and although I don’t come across as rude I just find it difficult sometimes to make small talk which admittedly can be my downfall. The issue I have is that one of the Contracts Managers seems to have it in for me in a big way; he is a fairly loud South African bloke who tends to dominate most conversations and on the whole didn’t seem that bad at first. About 6 weeks ago he needed me to re-task a maintenance engineer to assist on a reactive call out at a supply depot in Doncaster so came over to my desk. On my desk is a Royal Signals ruler that I had from a Kape trip I went on years ago, it’s not there to make a point or to be a big head it is just a ruler I use full stop I don’t mention serving and didn’t even discuss it at interview as it wasn’t relevant to my 10 year work history. Anyway it triggered a conversation with him where I answered his questions like where I had deployed, when ect. Turns out he was in some sort of army intelligence unit in SA in the early 90’s then moved over here to get married and gave me the full spec on fighting in the bush and tracking down terrorists ect.
    Few days later I went to eat in the canteen area and he started a further conversation about the forces but this time in front of a number of people, it started normally until he then started on with the old ‘well it can’t have been that hard being a signaller’ ect ect, I responded in kind and it went a bit tit for tat and I scored a couple of big laughs from a couple of girls and he pulled his face and mooched off.
    Not thought much about it until last month, Hr asked me to go in and I was handed a form with a request on it for me to produce original copies of my Prince2 and Nebosh qualifications (something that wasn’t asked for 10 months ago when I started work there) and to provide the full details of where I carried out the training for both. Produced them last week and thought that was that.
    It gets stranger though, I am still in contact and socialise often with my former manager, he has told me that the Hr head of where I am now telephoned him to ask how I went from being a Facilities Assistant to Facilities Manager in 2 months. The reason for this is simple, I worked under someone who was having trouble at home, he went on long term sick and I was deemed confident enough to undertake his role with a little bit of supervision, simple really and a nice wage lift for me, nothing suspect just a natural progression for me at the time.
    All very suspect and more so as its now common knowledge that he is boning the Hr head and they are both married and a ridiculously gay lad in sales has pretty much confirmed that the South African hates my guts and has said that he will get me out and in one instance told someone I had lied on my cv and about my forces background.

    What to do? I am not a scrapper so wont be jumping on him and I am also not a competent arguer, id rather walk off than rant and rave. My only worry is that a combined push from him and the Hr bird will jettison me to the dole queue and presently with nipper 3 on the way that would be a mucho bad thing.
  2. I think it's starting to sound a bit like bullying/harrasment, maybe have a word with HR and put something in writing, involve the union if you are in one. I think i'm saying get in first before he does. Sensible head off, you can borrow my dads old pit boots and kick his fucking legs to shreds.
  3. back into him so he touches your bum then sue the cunt for sexual harrsement
  4. Frighten him by telling him your'e ex 216, that should do the trick big mouthed S.A. twat.
  5. hes spell checked it then copied and pasted it often does that when i write a letter or email
  6. I agree with Jarrod sounds like harassment. Speak to HR and ask what the company policy is about it.

    I sit very close to one of the HR people at my work and this is what should be in place.

    All employees should have access to someone with whom to speak in confidence about an issue they may have. This could be via an employee helpline or be a nominated person who may be a trained volunteer colleague. This can help complainants decide what course of action to take by exploring their options. The decision to progress a complaint should rest with the individual.

    A well-designed policy is essential in addressing harassment. Policies should be agreed with union or employee representatives.

    Policies should:
    • give examples of what constitutes harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour including cyber-bullying, work-related events and harassment by third parties
    • explain the damaging effects and why it will not be tolerated
    • state that it will be treated as a disciplinary offence
    • clarify the legal implications and outline the costs associated with personal liability
    • describe how to get help and make a complaint, formally and informally
    • promise that allegations will be treated speedily, seriously and confidentially and prevent victimisation
    • clarify the accountability of all managers, and the role of union or employee representatives
    • require supervisors/managers to implement policy and ensure it is understood
    • emphasise that every employee carries responsibility for their behaviour.
    Formal allegations of harassment, bullying or any intimidating behaviour should be treated as a disciplinary offence. Investigation should include:
    • a prompt, thorough and impartial response
    • taking evidence from witnesses
    • listening to both the harasser and the complainant’s version of events
    • a time-scale for resolving the problem
    • confidentiality in the majority of cases.
    A record of complaints and investigations should always be made. These should include the names of the people involved, dates, the nature and frequency of incidents, action taken, follow-up and monitoring information. All sensitive information should be treated confidentially and meet the requirements of the data protection law - see our factsheet on data protection for more information.

    And since it is in the NAFFI;

    Ask if you can join them in a 3sum
  7. Put your concerns in writing and hand them into HR. If this does kick off then you want it on record. Id also raise with your manager why this chap is looking into your CV. Does he have the right to do so and what is his reason? It's up to you but I'd find out as much as you can about his relationship with the HR bint. Should it end up a tribunal matter could you show any impropriety in how he's behaved etc?

    Keep a record of any dealings with him. It all adds up should you end up having to claim constructive dismissal. Is have a word with your line manager and let it be known you feel like your being bullied and tell them about what this other chap told you.

    Then ram that ruler through his throat.

    Edited to add: cocking shitty bum cum.
  8. Record everything in writing that he/she or anyone else mentions to you regarding your previous career and experience, your CV or your integrity.
    Get statements, or at least a willingness to help, from those who have heard his accusations about your CV & background.

    Don't worry too much if you have either done nothing wrong or have no skeletons lying about in your present company that someone else might exploit. Unless you incriminate yourself with a some dodgy expenses or tell a custopmer to fuck themsleves, she'll have to be a pretty clueless and stupid HR manager to 'find' something to dismiss you on. An employment tribunal will see a HR fit-up from 100 yds if they dismiss without good cause and without following the usual procedures

    It could even be worth mentioning something to the slapper HR manager about the SA guy as; a) It's her job to know; B) It might warn them off. Ask her how you go about complaining or have recorded the fact that you think someone else is trying to undermine you. What can she say? Obviously every conversation will have to be 'on the record'

    Failing that, PM a few of the site thugs and they'll sort him for you.

    Edited to add, I've noticed it's the naafi bar, so anonymously tell both they're partners they're having an affair and sit back and watch the fall out.

    PS. Cunt fuck wank titties!
  9. rape him with a tea spoon
  10. Sounds like this bloke is going to set you up somehow and drop you in the shit. Write it all up fully and start keeping a diary of it all. Take note of what other people say too and who's a potential witness(s). One day you might have to go to some tribunial or other. See if you can make inquiries into his background too. Maybe start planning some dirty tricks that you can use to drop him in it instead. Also, if you have been using this site every lunchtime then expect him to know about it and find this thread.
  11. Bloke sounds like a wannabe Alpha male whose pride has maybe taken a bit of a denting.

    As said above, if possible, inform both partners of their other halves extra marital affairs and watch the scene unfold.

    You can then quietly chuckle to yourself while his wife financially rapes him in any hopeful divorce proceedings.
  12. Joking aside that's the best idea yet, As I was always taught if you cant win then spoil the game.
  13. i like my teaspoon idea
  14. Wotcha,
    I'm not an advocate of trades unions (still serving see) but as it happens, my dad is a bigwig in one-the big leftie socialist that he is...
    Anyway,having had various conversations with him and his representation of union members sometimes in positions not too dissimilar to your own I would suggest;
    Join a trade union-in case you need representation.

    Every time you have any dealings with this bloke, about anything mind, put it in your diary. In fact, make a diary of any salient points ascertaining to him trying to get you binned (like your post on here, for example).

    Leave it for a couple of months and suck it up while you gather int and he gobs off. See if his attention gets turned and he starts to pick on someone else-record this too.

    After a time, when you think you've got evidence of harassment/bullying, concurrently go and present it to your union rep and tell him thats what you feel you have to do as he's given you no option-be calm about it,but also quite public. If your employers are union friendly so much the better-get your union rep to come and see you in work-the look on his face should be good.

    Keep calm, make a plan. You'll have him shitting bricks by spring!
    Good luck.

    The post about the affair-just do that, I'tll be loads more fun!

    (because its the NAAFI) Soapy tit wank!
  15. The tea spoon idea. Just how do you go about that? Does it have to be a tea spoon or will any spoon like implement do?