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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dandy-Angus, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Im a civvy now and have been for over 10 years but i havnt lost my sick sense of humour so when i found this site just the other month ive started viewing its 'delights' on a daily basis - at work ! The problem is I cant stop laughing out loud, concealing my giggling or creasing up with hands holding sides in pain. Has anyone else had funny looks or comments from your fellow civvy comrades. People have commented - 'whats he laughing at now?' Ive got the best seat in the office - at the back so i can spot the boss b4 he gets anywhere near me. 8O It wont be long either b4 im caught viewing hot or not or sum other filth lmao
  2. I work for a concrete company now, who are a little bit more easy going on sense of humour then average, so I often entertain my colleagues with choice ARRSE anecdotes...
  3. F*ck em, Id take a few weeks at home firing the CV off over someone taking this away from me ! Plus Im sat in my own room, up to the eyeballs in paperwork and can feck off out for a wander whenever I want....just need the 18 year old "temp" for admin and im sorted !!
  4. They dont take my laughing insanely in a bad way, i think its my work production that has gone down hill slightly since joining ARRSE. Im in a YOT team so a sense of humour is part of the person spec lol !!
  5. Any of the female ones want a job ? :D
  6. Psssssst Reni - you have no idea how much id love to do the petite brunette in admin, thats the other distraction lol 8)
  7. I was sat in weatherspoons yesterday having a cup of coffee to take advantage of their free wi-fi and clicked on the amy gets her tits out thread.....preceded to spit half the coffee over the screen and get some VERY odd looks from the people around me... think this was a combination of me laughing like a mad women and people being able to see my screen and wondering why a women was laughing at a picture of Amy Winehouse with her chebs out
  8. Wompy are you a lez?
  9. No, I don't like fish
  10. OK Womps,thanks for clearing that up.Just wondered why you were oggling another ladies chest?
  11. Well only one nipple actually and a tired old hound dog it was too. :wink:
  12. I always take my notebook with me to the pub and all my mates laugh there heads off at the stuff I read out from Arrse, keep up the good work
  13. I really need to be getting back to work, I am at work but not actually doing any work. Ive been reading some other threads and howling with laughter, I just pray the phone doesnt ring cus i'l have to run away and hide in a small dark room lol !!
  14. You sound like a fun guy!
  15. Unluckly for us Arrse maidians there are few threads of half naked men...and they are all unfunny anyway

    The great majority of funny posts on arsse involve naked women so we have to ether put up with it or stick to the serious ( boring) stuff