ARRSE at the festivals

Who`s doing what festivals?

  • Download

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  • Leeds

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  • Reading

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  • T In The Park

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  • Creamfields

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  • V Festival

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  • Isle Of Wight Festival

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  • Monsters of Rock

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  • Guilfest (The festival for people old enough to know better)

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  • Wireless Festival

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Its the time of year again where we beg the QM for a tent, steal some G10 Tables and spend a weekend in a field complaining that all these students have no bloody idea about field hygene. Yes it's festival time. Are there any arrsers out there doing any festivals this year. I know some of you do reading and leeds and I myself will be at donnington for Download. Any other ARRSErs kicking about fancy a bevvy and a chat abot how the T in the park Campsite has better faciliies that the Tented City in Basrah?
I will be the one stumbling round at leeds fest after getting absolutely wasted and losing my tent!!
Poll added because it seems like a decent idea really.

I'll be at download pretty much in the same state and situation as supergal :D
but which one is for we OAPs Bull? I only like music made before 1980 .................... :p

:wink: is Leonard Cohen playing at all :?
Try guilfest poppy, AHA, Billy Idol, Gary Numan, The Stranglers and lots of other bands that really should have been dead a long time (It's sponsered by radio 2 and terry wogan takes his turn at cmpereing)
Poppy said:
but which one is for we OAPs Bull? I only like music made before 1980 .................... :p

:wink: is Leonard Cohen playing at all :?

Don't worry pops not excatly knee high to a grasshopper myself :D :D
BadManners said:
My 3rd time for Download!

Lets Rock!
Not getting there today then? Good luck finding a spot for your tent.
Nah download are good when it comes to camping. They open the next campsite when one becomes full. So even the guy who turns up friday morning will have loads of places to camp. Plus the campsites are apparently HUGE this year. I'll be getting there thursday.

Lets Rock!
I may go to the open air opera at Kenwood House


Book Reviewer
Does it count if I put my stereo in the garden (with the volume set high) and invite my neighbours around for a BBQ?
Larmer Tree Festival (near blandford)! Sadly Have to work when i'm there, but there will b plenty of time for recreation after shift!! Something for every1 there! campsite dodgy!
Poppy said:
but which one is for we OAPs Bull? I only like music made before 1980 .................... :p

:wink: is Leonard Cohen playing at all :?
Here you go Poppy if you are lucky the you might even get a special treat The Wonder Stuff have composed and performed all the music for an animated children’s series called Underground Ernie. Bit (no very much) like Thomas The Tank Engine, Underground Ernie is set on the London Underground featuring talking tube trains and the main character, Ernie, voiced by Gary Lineker. One episode features a Brummie busker who bears an uncanny resemblance to Miles Hunt
I'll be doing the "The Loch Ness Monster" gig at Dores, on the shores of Loch Ness on Sat 24th June.

See you there!!!! Make sure you wear your ARRSE T Shirts!!!!
Godiva , Coventry , to watch the former Future Mrs. PTP enthrall and subdue a very large crowd of chavs.

"Fookin hell, you're a looker and you can sing a bit too bab" Which always chuffs her up :D
I usually go to Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire.

It's a bit of a Folky type thing (it's run by "legendary" Folk Rock band Fairport Convention) but we go for the atmosphere, no aggro, 2 pubs in the village plus the cricket pavilion & the huge open air bar on the site, there are no artist facilities so the bands have cue up at the bar with everyone else, Robert Plant can usually be found at the South end of the bar on the Saturday afternoon.

The campsites are pretty good too, running water, proper toilets & showers!!

Tickets are about £70 for the three days, camping is £25 per vehicle for the three days, Bikers & backpackers camp for free.
Darth_Doctrinus said:
My faves from Download 2006 - Stone Sour and Lacuna Coil. And 'Seek and Destroy' to wrap up Metallica's set.

Very pleasant.
As a Bass player i must admit I did a little sex wee when Rob kicked off Orion.
Larmer Tree as always - not working Missy, I'll be enjoying lazing around doing b*gger all! But I'll be thinking of you! Love it, camping's great (apart from the stupid blond, last year, who had very loud sex about 2 feet away from me, divided by two pieces of canvas - and despite me telling her to shut the f*ck up very grumpily at 3.30am) - thankfully my kids slept through it! I hate those awkward questions...

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