ARRSE as an RSS Feed on MOSS today page

So, getting set up with my MOSS today page, done the standard RSS subscription to BBC news and the floor walker says you can subscribe to other sites with the RSS logo. Couldn't think of a better site other than ARRSE so I hit the link and subscribed, didn't work so followed the link again to the .xml address, fail again. Could be something to do with EGS or just the usual DII gestapo.

Now I have 2 ARRSE links on my today page and I can't for the life of me delete them from the edit page. Any suggestions before I have to go hat in hand to the IT gurus and have to explain why I have 2 subscriptions called ARRSE?
Top left of the home screen you have a "subscriptions" tab.

Click on that - if your ARRSE subscriptions show you should be able to unsubscribe.
I added BBC and ARRSE feeds to my shiny, new MOSS homepage. They're tosh, they only seem to update twice a metric fortnight and I ditched them within a week.

Curiously enough, if MOSS throws a wobbly the feeds come back briefly - so Big Brother is watching you!


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Couldn't think of a better site other than ARRSE...
Have you not had our email regarding the Deltic & Jet Ski project?

Basically we want a 40 ton diesel electric locomotive coupled to a Jet-Ski. Then we want to climb on the back. And invade Poland. Let us keep the BBC in the dark for the moment, yes? It is work in progress and on a NTK basis.

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