ARRSE Annual visitor survey - Is it legit?

Just has this pop up when I logged in. Is it legit, I've not seen one before?

The worrying thing I can't imagine any of the CO's 'giving' stuff away

Search found feck all

arrse survey.JPG
I'm very surprised to see that and also very worried. The thought that I might have to hand over £50 shakes me to the core!

Not legitimate, and also it seems very unlikely to me that this is some form of cunning advert that we have allowed on. I know we've had noisy ones and the odd pop-up slip through the net, but nothing like that.

I'm hoping it's a problem on your machine. Can you read through this and see if it fits:

Solving PC Issue: Professional Computer Virus Removal: Removal Guide for Learn to Remove Redirect Virus

It's not the same popup but clearly very similar

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