Arrse and the Royal British Legion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Nothing wrong with that at all, I found out about ARRSE from friends at the Royal British Legion (Central Brittany Branch), joining this happy little band of pilgrims in 2010. Since when I have made many new friends as ARRSE has provided me and many other serving and retired military personnel around the world with a meeting place to discuss whatever. I am pleased that the founders of ARRSE have been recognised for their achievements.
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  2. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with makes a change from the site being quoted in newspapers in black and white ink. many a moon ago a lot of papers were using this site for quotes on anything military!
  3. Bad CO

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    I'd forgotten I'd done that interview! Well written article though I thought, not sure about it claiming we're responsible for e-goat though ....
  4. I still think the politicos get some of there ideas from here as well. There are still a lot of journos around, mind you there are 200 less now the NoTW has shut.
  5. No mention of AMMM ? Must be a miracle!
  6. What was the thread that got picked up by the papers that ran for a while? RFUK featured quite heavily in it....can't recall what it was about.
    Plus, who can forget the Grays Lane episode.....I got called a Jehovas Witness in the Telegraph or one of the other broad sheets!
  7. Oh mentioned in despatches jolly well done keep it up
  8. That's because we were all "suited and booted" and handing leaflets out in pubs!!!!
  9. I was stood in the sandwich shop waiting till she'd served the customers and she kept eyeing me up, when I gave her the leaflets to dish out she said ''Oh, I thought you were a Jehovas''!!