ARRSE and Rum Ration in the Evening Standard

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RECRUIT_G, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this has been done, comments about the Iraninan hostages made page 5 of todays Evening Standard.

    Good work lads!
  2. And where's the link to it you lazzy little man...... :roll:
  3. Says he doesn't have money to pay for driving exam.....doesn't RN pay for that during training?
  4. 'Mr Bean' says:

    "I see the payment more as compensation for spending the time telling the story to reporters when I should have been out with my family and friends. But it was important that the world heard about what I went through."


    Wasn't he on ops, or did he have the chance to forget that aboard ship?

    Not much compared to many others actually.

    I get the feeling this bloke has forgotten, or has been allowed to forget, that he joined the Armed Forces. He sounds like somebody from the RAF.
  5. Thanks goodness that they've had the full support of the MOD and its knowledge of working with the media. I can't imagine how embarassing this could be, if they just had carte blanche to say anything that came into their' heads without this support.
  6. They'll be applying for PTSD compensation soon :roll: , I'll get to meet them at Combat Stress no doubt in the future, w*nkers.
  7. Do they still get a lot of trouble with walting at Combat Stress?
  8. There was a mention of ARRSE in the Daily Mail aswell.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer'cry+baby'+captive+of+Iran/

    here too...
  10. Only when I'm there :)

    Seriously though I think there is always a walt staying there and getting caught out, much fun is had in the smoke room.

    edited to add: I wouldn't call it "trouble" in the bad sense.
  11. Arrse on the today programe this morning, important because Tony Bliar listens to it.

    The cnut.
  12. only partly related to this however I liked the statement that a dead soldier's father made about Des Brown 'In hindsight suggests a lack of forethought'.... very telling.
  13. Just had to have a giggle at the comment left on the following link.
    I was not there so do not wish to speculate, but possibly the marines were out numbered and out gunned.
    Typical american, they watch a couple of movies and think its all gung ho.

    "I don't know about the royal navy, but I thought the royal marine commando's were pretty a pretty rank outfit. How did 7 or 8 of them let them, and their navy counterparts, get captured without firing a shot?
    I have a hunch that if it were US marines or SEALS out on that boat the whole incident would've gone a little differently.

    - Ryan, USA"
  14. Yeah read that.

    If the yanks had been there it may have come out differently.

    15 dead US Marines/SEALs and every boat in the Gulf sunk by US Aviators. Including HMS Cornwall.

    If the Commandos are a rank outfit, what are we Pongos?