ARRSE and its double standards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. You agree with what he posted,

  2. He is Troll and need a good kicking

  3. He is an OXYGEN THIEF

  4. Boot him from Arrse

  1. My rant is regarding sapperhutch/tommyhutch and the double standards by ARRSE.

    If any journalist/newspaper starts a story regarding servicemen, members of Arrse are all over it like a rash and wanting to hang the said culprit.

    Moderators who sit and do nothing or who say "i'm a moderator but its not my page". Waste of space.

    Chavs who knock over dead soldiers grave stones become marked men.

    But yet when an ARRSE member goes to a rock tribute page and leaves a msg such as "sapperhutch/tommyhutch
    3 killed in 2007? That means the RLC postmen saw more action. fcuk off REMFs and just stag on without all this self-appreciative navel gazing.

    Just think of how the bereaved families feel reading that shoite.
    Yet no moderator acts on it as i did post the thread and the proof that sapperhutch/tommyhutch are the same person.
    He doesent even get a tag as a TROLL or OXYGEN THIEF OR EVEN JUST KICK OFF THE GROUP.
    Arrse stinks of do as i say not as i do. Sapperhutch/tommyhutch details need to be given to some serving rock so as he can have a quiet word in his shell like ear as the man is a gobshoite.

    When Arrse points a finger it will have to look at its self first or else its no better than the journalist/newspaper and chavs.

    Rant over and i hope someone sorts this cnut out.
  2. There isn't a box for "I have read your post several times, and still am having difficulting in trying to understand it. I probably agree with (some of) what you said, but can't be sure"

    If there are double standards, it'll be by individual Arrsers, not by Arrse itself. You'll have a difficult slog to try and prove Arrse is institutionally hypocritical.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Is your rant about someone posting something on a completely separate site?

  4. I don't remember ARRSE ever being a democracy or ever even having any kind of dillusions of egalitarianism. Its the CO's trainset and they've appointed the Mods to moderate when/if they see fit. If they weren't doing their job as the COs think it should it be done then i'm pretty sure they wouldn't be here for very long anyway.

    Long story short - who gives a shite?
  5. Nope. Still lost.

    Calm down, breath, have a nice cuppa and then come back and tell Aunty Legs what's upset you - preferably without the hysterics.
  6. The twat has been posting on just about every rock page on youtube and PM me on Arrse gloating about it , When i say Arrse double standarDs i am meaning the members of ARRSE NOT arrse its self.

    If a rock posted shoite like he did on an ARMY tribute page there would be hell to pay by you guys.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Can we have a cookery forum please?
  8. Cancel my last then.
  9. You've only just found out? You mean to say that the large numbers of 'bloody immigrants, I'm off to <insert former colony here>'-type posts didn't give you an inkling?

    Some folk are just throbbers. Live with it.
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Monday dinnertime, and already posting whilst hammered.

    Good going.
  11. Mate, some people are just dickheads, and we have to get used to it. Report the comments, and ignore the little spaff stain.
  12. Rock tribute page huh, was it Red Zeppelin or Quorn?
  13. I still fail to see your point?

    Are you whinging about one person? Or are you complaining about moderation?

    Either way, go through the correct complaints procedure.

    Whining like a cunt in the NAAFI just makes you look like a 3rd rate pretend soldier.

    Oh, youre a Rock so you are. :roll:
  14. I have to agree with msr here.Sapper/tommy hutch has not broken any of the rules on this particular site.

    I agree the man is a gopping little wretch who needs a hiding,but it's the tinterweb mate so nowt can be done.

    Just content yourself with the knowlege that he is a spinless and cowardly creature who would never dare say such things with a rock in front of him....and move on.
  15. Is there a full translation for the first post on this thread?
    I've tried babelfish but it keeps giving me;