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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. With my usual lightning-sharp reflexes and razor-like analytical talent, I've noticed that there's a certain amount of Sturm und Drang going on in the wider ARRSE, with regard to some regular posters' accounts being deleted and their being (it would appear temporarily) banned. Can anyone quickly summarise what the Purple Velvet Elvis has been going on?
  2. Yes, no one likes you, and that caused problems and they got rid of 5A and Stacker1 for sticking up for you
  3. Pity about that. In 5A's case it was a fair cop, but stacker1 was collateral damage. A good storeman is hard to find. ;-)
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  4. They were all lost in the great fire of Donnington in the 70's. Some say hell is very neat these days.
  5. don't worry, sure they'll both be back under slightly amended names. well, stacker1 at least.

    (how do you think he got the name "stacker1" in the first place lol)

  6. STACKER1 is banned??? Good work that CO.
  7. The way posters disappear, I'd have said more 'nacht und nebel' than 'sturm und drang'.
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  8. I call that a handsome gesture on their part. I am duly grateful, especially given the extraordinarily offensive nature of my and stacker's last exchange. Well, I was offensive.

    Given that this is what happens now, I don't suppose you'd oblige by sticking up for me as well? Thanks very much indeed in advance.
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  9. I thought it might be a typing error that was never corrected.
  10. It's all to do with references to Gibsons and in addition, a bit of crayoning.
  11. A bit of crayoning. Stacker must have been major shareholder in crayola.
  12. 'Free the Stacker 1 '
  13. I see what you did there and it's a great idea. Release him into the wild in Canada and he can tell the black and brown bears what he thinks of them.
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    That would never have been allowed to happen.
  15. No doubt he will feel at home, the bears also prefer to attack the man, rather than the argument.