Arrse adverts

This will get deleted by the mods, but worth a try. The "Jump Into Ireland" advert on the right of the Arrse cracks me up. It's a montage of the outside of a Pub - looks all ablaze to me. It then goes inside to a busy Pub full of guys that should be given a warning for necking white cider. Remind me not to frequent that bar.
The advert for EDF cracks me up.... look at the animated puppet thingy as it enjoys being blown by a hairdryer whilst sitting on a tumble dryer, sits on a blender and vibbrates, sits on an amp with his back to the camera and appears to be racking off to the posters on the wall and then sits on a leaf-blower grinning. Am I mistaken or
are the, apparently Coked up, creative meedja artists having a laugh?

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