ARRSE Ads (partly) Explained and Your Ads

Browsing over ARRSE recently it seems that some honourable members have been surprised that the ads in any particular thread match what they’re looking at or posting about. Many will know how this works, but for those that don’t the displayed ads are typically browsing history context sensitive.

In short, one of the most common context sources is a secure folder on your computer containing small files detailing your browsing history. When you load a page the files are scanned and ads will be shown based on your recent browsing activity (or the interests of your partner/kids/forensic officer). Another common context is simply taken from repeated words on the page you’re looking at. If there’s little context to go on the ads will be semi-randomly chosen, based on website demographic, location etc. So, if you’re getting ads for Nazi-themed holidays for Welsh lesbian midgets then you’re probably even weirder than you let on.

Here are some ads I’m getting right now. Of the three one is about right, one would only be of interest if everything else had failed and I was really desperate and near suicidal, and one is for an STD clinic.


What ads are you getting, not just here on charming ARRSE, but on any site?


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Adverts? Is that a poor person thing? :)

Go ad free - you know it makes sense.


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I have been getting ads in Chinese, perhaps due me posting the review of 'Chusan'. The ideograms are a touche lost on me except the (international standard) one for radioactivity and that leaves me really puzzled. However yesterday I had to delete all my cookies to clear a glitch elsewhere in Seaweed World and the Chinese seem to have gone away pro tem. I look forward to the return of (some of) the available ladies within three miles of me.

I didn't realise one could order STDs by post but every day's a school day, or have I misread something?

Edited to add: correction, the Chinese ad is back.
I paid the few bob to go advert free. I'm missing the adverts for women "who are waiting for me now". If any of them are in the Kandahar area, I might phone.
Oddly enough, I just seem to get advertising for the 'remove advertising' option.
Oddly enough, I just seem to get advertising for the 'remove advertising' option.
I take it you use IE 9 or 10.
Interestingly enough, I keep getting an advert that says "looking for soft porn?"

It can't be anything to do with my search history, because that's all hardcore porn.

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