ARRSE Accuracy Skydiving Team Netheravon 25-26 Mar

Guys/Girls, anyone fancy forming an "ARRSE" team to enter the "Fun" accuracy competition being held at Netheravon on the weekend of 25-26 March?

A team of 4 is required to enter the "Junior" event which is for jumpers with less than 100 jumps. Thats me...
All you have to do is land within a 100 metres of the target to score, I am usually lucky to land on the DZ.

I know Netheravon has a pants reputation and I have not jumped there myself in many years but I can put up with anything for a weekend on the raz and a laugh.

It you fancy it drop me a PM and we can get it sorted.


PS. I am to "accuracy" what Danish Newspapers are to Muslim Clerics


War Hero

Step 1: Collect 4 Oxygen Theives from the dark corners of Arrse
Step 2: Chuck 'em out over the DZ
Step 3: All four land perfectly on the target

NB: You judged the wind right, and cut holes in the 'chutes :D
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