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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 4, 2004.

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  1. For information purposes, just checked Arrse Traffic figures via

    We appear to have jumped a couple of hundred thousand places on the WWW. 8O

    Thanks to all involved :D

  2. But with all this extra publicity, won't ARRSE be affected in some way?
    A) Surely it will slow down due to all the extra traffic?
    B) Will we now have to be even more careful about what we say, given that a lot more people know about this place due to its mention in the press?
  3. It seems that some journalists have been visiting ARRSE for some time, not least the most fragrant Libby Purves, of the Times and BBC R4, in addition to military experts such as Sir Tim Garden.
  4. Some of the more brain-dead tabloids could start printing excerpts from the racier threads, to fill space on quiet news days. It has in fact, already happened. A few weeks ago, the "Daily Sport" reprinted some of the thread on WO McConnell.

    Still, I suppose you have to look at things from their perspective. When an advertiser lets you down, and that 3 inches of column space you hoped to fill with 0845 numbers for Lady-boy contact lines remains to be filled, what are you going to do? (apart from, God forbid, actually resort to Journalism..)
  5. Dont worry Macks no-one gives a toss about the OTC
  6. :lol:
    Cheers MM, but I was referring more to a generic "we," encompassing the general ARRSE community.
    Of course nobody gives a toss about what a few poxy students have to say! You must think that I'm getting ideas above my station, old chap! :D
  7. no i just wanted to slag you off old bean :D
  8. Cruelly abusing our future leaders is beneath contempt, in my view.


  9. Not too mention the odd yank.
  10. Bubble - all yanks are odd - it's part of being colonial.
  11. Don't include all coloniels in that please - just the septic ones
  12. Oh nice one...too bad Aussie-land was a penal colony :D Down under an arse maybe 8O :D :D :D
  13. Been away for a day and I have to say, Monday evening was weird! Full of geeks trying to sound off on this site and as for that Letka slapper!

    In some ways, the advertisement that ARRSE has received is fine, ups the coffers of Bad & Good CO and so improves the site but the down side is it will attract the freaking weirdos!
    We have enough here with the Septics let alone letting in some UK ficking weirdos! What am I saying, most of us here are ficking weird! :twisted:
  14. That why were here my friend :D
  15. FF, this Letka one of your oldies trying to hunt you down? :twisted: