Arrse Abbreviations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BagCharge, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Arrse Abbreviations.....

    Plenty of abbreviations being used......IMHO, LOL , WTF etc etc etc.

    For my benefit and maybe others......could some kind individuals post a comprehensive list of abs seen on this site. This will prevent me making a complete fecking arrse of myself when using one I thought I understood..... :x

    The naafi chat room has sprung a few pearlers as well..... :D :D :D
  2. I don't do wahs....I'm to old for that and its bloody childish.
    It was a genuine request...............
  3. Fair enough. IMHO, In my honest opinion. LOL, laugh out loud. WTF, what the fcuk?
    Here's a sample of all three in a sentance;
    WTF? I just shot spooge onto my favorite shoes IMHO I I should go bare
  4. unless you are a whizz on chatrooms i understand what you mean...

    LOL - laugh out loud
    IMHO - In my humble opinion
    WTF - What the F*ck
    LMFAO - laughing my f*ckin arse off

    if you can grasp the gist of these then anymore that come up im sure you will work out...

    Hope this helps :lol:
  5. afaik - as far as I know
    iirr - if I remember rightly
    trisfmotp - the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain.

    Most can be worked out in context. or can be ignored.....
  6. That should do it......... :D

    Next bit:

    I know what a wah is........

    can someone explain gwar & mlaaar please.....
    (no smart arrse responses........we all start somewhere!!)

    Baggy back on receive......................... :|
  7. Were you ever associated with HM Forces? FFS man- if all else fails look them up on Arrsepedia.

    Now stop asking bone questions, you Jack b@stard.

    (And before you fcuking ask: )
  8. Probably a damn sight fcuking longer than you matey...doesn't mean to say i lurked in places where above words were common.
    This may be the naafi, but so far everyone has been helpful.even you......
    It didn't occur to me to use Arrespedia or what ever the fcuk you call it...but I'll know better next time won't I.
    No go and bury your head in your pint and fcuk off out my fcuking rude knob!

  9. :lol: Ooh. Look at her!

    You're taking all this far too personally, mate. Just using standard NAAFI terminology to reflect on your lack of intelligence/initiative to figure things out for yourself.

    Hope you're not crying yourself to sleep on your c0ck-shaped pillow tonight.
  10. PMSL - p1ssing my sides laughing
  11. "TLstTImISawLegsLIkThtTherWozAMSgeTId21OfThm" = the last time I saw legs like that there was a message tied to one of them.

    "FMDIDGAD" = frankly my dear I don't give a damn
  12. GIUY- Get it up Yis
  13. I'd worked out most of them, but I must admit I was too afraid to ask for fear of being labeled a Luddite. ( I thought it was P*ss MySelf Laughing not P*ss My Sides Laughing as that doesn't appear to be English or make any sense, but I might be wrong!)

    I think that this is right though -

    Gwar - a ginger person, from Ging - Gwar ( Ginger)
    Mlllaaaaar - the sounds that Mingmongs/windowlickers make.

    Hope this helps