Arrse 2011 - We Will Remember Them

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Core Strife, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. It's 11/11/11 today, and 10.35 at the moment. In 25 minutes we will all remember our Glorious Dead.

    This thread is just a chance for anyone to make any statements on this important day.

    Keep it sensible, please!
  2. Jim, Sean, Phil, Matt, Dave, Tim, Alec and the others - RIP lads
  3. Went up to the local war memorial for North Nesting which is about 300m up the road. Only me there but locals have a parade on Sunday (I shall be in Lerwick for the main one). Wore my beret and laid a poppy under a rock. Blowing a gale at the moment and the memorial is quite exposed ... that cold wind don't half bring a tear to your eye ...
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  4. I walked down the road to my local war memorial, which happens to be the gates of my local park. There was a small group there and I acted as timekeeper. Very British and very dignified. Not a word was spoken and the proper respects were paid. At the end, everyone went there separate ways, alone with their thoughts. Just as the silence ended there was a small gust of wind blowing around the front of the memorial - up until then the air had been completely still.
  5. Remembering my dad, Spr Harold Walker RE, my uncle, Pte Sid Walker Beds & Herts Regt, LCpl Hoppy Hopkins RE, Cpl Barney Warburton RE, LCpl Phil Bamber Gascoigne R Ang and Maj Matt Biffa Bacon Int Corps. RIP!
  6. One question kept going through my head as I listened to the last post:

    How did I make it back, when so many better men than me have given everything?
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  7. Went to the service in Salisbury, quite a good turnout. Sad to say fewer old boys than previous years.
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  8. Pulled into a lay-by on the A41 near RAF Cosford just as the last post began on Radio 5. The car in front of me pulled in too. We parked behind another car that was already there. When reveille sounded all three cars started up and drove off.
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  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Another year passes to sit and contemplate and remember those who have passed. Kenny, Scouse and Roger, 8th June 1982 Fitzroy. I wasn't there, I was in a Guardroom in Mons Bks; watching signals come in stating, casualties on a ship- then wounded then losses, then names. Knowing I would never see them again. we then waiting for the wounded to come home, burned, battered and bruised in body and mind. Steve D, Duncan A come to mind sat in the ward in CMH, happy for the visit but maybe we didn't know what had happened. We didn't and would never know. We had joined the ranks of those who lost friends and would lose others in the future. I will never forget that blonde haired Scouser with his beret that caused SNCO's such aghast, with his cloth 3 Armd Fd Amb cap badge. his ever present smile. Remembering always.
  10. My tributes and rememberences for the following family members of two World Wars..........................

    O/S Richie Smith, HMS Broke, Algiers 1942...

    L/Cpl G. Manning, 1/8 Batt The Kings Liverpool Regt, Thiepval 1916..

    Pvt T.Manning, 1/8 The Kings Liverpool Regt, Festubert .....

    Pvt J Manning, 7 Batt. The Kings Liverpoo Regt, Wailly Orchard Cem 1916....

    Pvt T Manning, 10 Batt The Kings Liverpool Regt. Voormezeele, 1916...

    Good and Faithful Servants. RIP
  11. All our staff gathered in the board room to observe the silence. During the two minutes not one phone call came in. It would be nice to think that other folk were doing the same.
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  12. I was at Cenotaph this morning - who the heck were the fat muppets in WW1 uniform though? Lots of muttering from the assembled forces mob...
  13. Took a walk down to the Village Memorial. About 10 folk and two dogs assembled, just before 11:00, including a smart looking soldier from the AAC in MTP.

    Local lad with a mohawk hairstyle, chastised the bin man for making noise during the silence, who promptly stopped. Roofer on scaffolding stopped work and several vehicles pulled over and drivers got out.

    Very moving and simple paying of respects.

    Lest we forget
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  14. If only

    1 of our younger brighter did ask the relevance of the silence.

    Obviously history isnt taught any more it seems
  15. I was outside the Bank of England with other ex-servicemen. Good to see that the traffic was stopped and a party of school children were in attendance.