*ARRSE 2009 RBL Poppy Appeal*

Bad/Good CO - Is there a way you can replace something on the Home Page with a Large Banner/Logo for the RBL Auction, I think a lot of people haven't seen any of the items yet, maybe someone can knock up a collage of some of the items for the ARRSE 2009 RBL Poppy Appeal Auction and put it on the Home Page of ARRSE? at the moment the Auctions are disappearing under all other posts, which is normal...

Maybe even a Splashpage/Portal? (not sure what they are called) for the next 6 days to appear whenever anyone types in arrse.co.uk I am sure no one would mind that! at the moment each item is being viewed a handful of times only.

Any I.T./Web Design Savvy people think this is possible?
Bumping this back up... does anyone know if such a SplashPage is possible while the Auction lasts? maybe a simple x button on it to Mag to Grid it to get to the Forum, but I definitely feel we need something front of Forum to help generate as many bids and raise as much as possible for this years' Poppy Appeal...
Another Bump as there are only 5 more Auction days, the items up for auction aren't getting seen enough, if anyone can put them all together on a temporary website then and with a Banner or Logo linking to them from the ARRSE Home Page would that make the auction items more visible for everyone?

Our own items, we actually have the Veteran Coins 1 - 10 all engraved...

Any budding Webmaster Guru's seeing this it would be a great help if something could be knocked up to help Good & Bads' Auction today if possible as the Posts just disappear too quickly...
Everyone who has very kindly donated 1 or more items to the ARRSE 2009 RBL Poppy Appeal I would advise you all bump your item threads to be in view so people who may not have seen them all can view them...
Sorry - completely missed this thread although we did try with the header message so I think all will have got the message.

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