Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, RECs

My Gods, what a feckintw@tb@lloxcnutingpenisingshaggnasty@rseing load of old shi'ite................

Just fancied a whinge about the fact my desk is covered in the things as I've been spammed to sort out the LAD's system....... Arrrrrrrgh, I HATE it! :evil:
Mate I totally agree( although not quite sure what you said ), what a total waste of shagging time. Yet another cluster Fcuk from those wasters at DEME(A), let them come to a working fitter section and get a bite of reality.
DEME(A) should be (personally) made to hold records af all Coy/Wksp/LAD Cmdrs and when they do something that they have been trained to do, be personally made to annotate a great big AESP/REC Chart. So the next time they do the same thing, he can be reminded of how they did it and how they could do it the same way and then, get it signed off by Action Jackson and if he's not about, Phil the Greek. When he gives the argument that "I haven't got time for this Cack ", he should be reminded of what his underlings have to put up with!

FFS, when are we going to stop being REME PLC ( How do I get chartered?) and start being the flexible fixers of broke stuff, like we were years ago (we still do in my opinion, but thats because we Fcuk this off and do last minute cooking to keep the checkers sweet). I was taught how an engine worked and when components broke, how to fix it. Guess Funcking what? when another, different engine stopped working, I had a damn good idea how to fix it (AESPs included). I applied this crazy mixed-up theory to all aspects of the said equipment I was tasked to repair. Oh and your going to love this, when I went to a unit that had something that was not entirely covered i.e. specialist kit, I did an equipment course, crazy I know. "But Boss, Ah Canna de that, av urnly dun it wunce and ahm urnly class three" Iraq 2003- I made that up, but I'm sure it may have happened.

2500 hrs, bite a reality pill Aborfield, for the Corps sake, If you have to shake the world in your two year tenure, cure bone, Corps destroying ideas, we are not going forward, we are going into a flat spin. Now the Big Red Threat has long gone and there is no need for Steely-eyed NATO trained, no sh1t, just do it Warriors, There are far too many bored/need to change the world/eye on civvy street, people out there. Soon all equipment will be held by Hertz and we will only be able to fight a war in the the third fiscal period, when the budget allows. Talking of budgets, G. Broon, nkob off you t1t, it was different when you wanted to get rid of Nukes and have strong Conventional forces.

If I rant, I rant, but only because I cannot take a shovel to those that FCUK me and my Corps off and still see my daughters get married.

Apoligies to Geordies for the really bad bit in the middle :oops:

If we didn't have REC charts, we would have to rely on class 1s and Sgts/SSgts to make sure their blokes could fix the kit, it won't catch on, will it?

youngest daughter now sacked as proof reader, will now have to use mong yorkshire wife(yeah right) :lol:
Not quite sure what you're saying there mate, but I agree with your sentiment!
Christ Wedge, and I thought your maths was bad!

Top comment still buddy.
Jusy had a quick shufty at the draft rewrite of LEUMS, and it looks like DEME(A) are trying to get the whole Army on the Competency bandwagon. I can just see it now up at the Guards Bns:

"Sarn't Major, have you recorded your competency with that pace stick?"

"&*^T%$$££%^&&&*^%$$££$%^^^&&*U, Sah!"
Wedge me auld fruit you've got it in one - its all bawlicks and needs to be stopped.

As boss, I KNOW who can do what with what kit, those that dont get shown how to by those that do, in the worst case scenario, we work it out together and get it done anyway.

I dont need some pxy bits of paper to tell me how good my blokes are - I KNOW cos I'm their boss!

Wake up in the head shed and tell this latest bit of wisdom to feck orf before we legislate ourselves into a postition we cant recover from.

Plus, how many scrotes tip up from Bordon with RECs? Is that cos they cant do ANYTHING or is it cos Bordon or VT are above that kind of stuff or dont agree with it etc etc. It would be nice to see it then we could see just how well trained some of these 'Tradesman' actually are.......... Plus half the work's done then.............
RECS are just the REMEs way to get over the deficiency in the trade training, VMs are not even taught how to lockwire anymore FFS. So when something goes wrong those in charge can look at a RECS chart and point the finger at the unit. If they binned crap like RECS they could use the money saved in manhours, paper etc to train the guys properly and save everyone the stress.
Thank christ I got out years ago, I dont understand any of the TLA's but it sounds like a right cluster f**k these days. Remember when VM's were actual mechanics, not parts replacement engineers, and we had vehicle electricians, and gun fitters and all sorts of other exotic trades, (not to mention shipwrights!!). Just an old fart mumbling to himself ;-)
8) BATTSIMM-- you should just use the REC's you ponced from other fella's whilst on T6, i'm sure if you ask nicely Newbuild will give them to you as he did do ALL of the hard work himself whilst there, carrying the rest of us!!
how are we meant to complete a REC without telling porkies????? Ask your ece's if they have completed all the jobs for CR2 and you will see what I mean, utter sh1te :lol:
Nice one Biro, never thought of that, too busy getting 'carried' again................
I know what to do Battsimm, we can make it part of an induction package!!!!
you know what I mean.
Yeah, I know what you mean - and thats summat else that needs to give itself a giant boot up the arrse....
Battsimm said:
Yeah, I know what you mean - and thats summat else that needs to give itself a giant boot up the arrse....
Ah yes, the old lets cover it in the induction package trick. And who the feckin hell do you think the OC gets to create this waste of feckin paperwork anyhow?? I'll FCUKIN tell you.....The Tiffy cos he's got FCUK all better to do with his time has he???!?!!

So when are we ALL gonna get bloody well paid correctly?, oh sorry, to be eligible for that bumper payout you must be aged between 24 and 27 (Months seniority) and certainly junior to all other tiffies in your Regiment's LAD. If the AQMS gives you any sh1t just tell him "It's my money and i've worked hard for it so feck orf" that ought to work.

It's all a load of sh1te, if you ask me.
Biro, every time I ask you anything you say its all a load of sh!te.................

You getting paid more then me yet? 8O

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