Arrogant, unfriendly and no sense of humour: the English?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Arrogant, unfriendly and no sense of humour: what foreign tourists think of the English


    However, it's not all bad news though:

  2. Its mainly when these bloody foreign rubberneckers hog the pavement in London that they quite rightly get pushed aide, what do they expect? London is a real City that does real stuff, it does not rely on hordes of tourists for its daily bread, they clog the arteries of commerce.

    They should go into the Country side like Liverpool or Leeds to gawp.
  3. Quick- somebody name a German comedian.
  4. Why do tourists always represent the worst a nation has to offer?
  5. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'll try to stay out of the way on my September visit to London. :wink:

    Actually, I'd rather tour the countryside, but only one day in GB, this time.

    Actually, all big cities get bad raps, New York and Paris both have bad reputations.

    I have visited London and the other cities that I talked about and have always been happy with my contacts with people.

    I almost hurt myself on my first visit to London, as the mini-skirt had just come into fashion in London and I kept walking into things, while gawking at those wonderful legs! :lol:
  7. Otto Waalkes, Mike Krüger, Emil Steinberger, Gerhard Poll, Loriot (Viktor von Bülow), Heinz Ehrhardt, Rolf Herricht und Hans Joachim Preil.
    To name but a few :D :D :D

  8. Random_Task wrote:

    "The French do not perceive they would receive a warm welcome if they visited the UK," the report revealed.

    Au Contraire... The garlic riding, bicycle eating unwashed surrender monkeys would receive a VERY warm welcome...

    .... Fetch More napalm!
  9. And aren't they all international household names.

    Let's just look at that piece of research for a moment:

    The French accuse us of being unfriendly. How right they are. I mean all those times we blockaded our ports and burnt their sheep. Oh no, that was them, wasn't it?

    The Germans accuse us of being "unlively". Balls. I've been on the p1ss in Germany a few times, and apart from those filled with Brit or Seppo Squaddies, all bars/clubs had the atmosphere of Morrissey's funeral (and this was in a large University town). A beerfest and a "love parade" a year doesn't and they think they're party animals.

    The Argentines call us unfriendly. Hahahahahaha! We'd probably be a lot friendlier if you didn't tell us that you owned bits of our nation.

    The Italians call us dishonest. Please. Stop. Now.

    I think psychologists call what's happened above "projection".
  10. Arrogant and unfriendly with no sense of humour: the English? That is a wee bit over the top. Perhaps a statement along the lines of 'Arrogant and unfriendly with no sense of humour: most of the English'?
  11. Joan of Arc would disagree.
  12. Fcuk off.

  13. B0ll0cks! That is not even remotely funny.
  14. Well, Ginge, crabtastic didn't ask for internationally known German comedians, did he? I suppose they're about as internationally known as Kenn Dodd, Alexai Sayle et al. :D

    So having been out on the lash a couple of times in Germany, it qualifies you to say "all bars/clubs had the atmosphere of Morrrisey's funeral. ALL? So you've visited them ALL? That's interesting, because I lived something like 17 years in German-speaking countries and I never managed that.

  15. I think this does represent the problem quite clearly. London like all big cities is brash, bustling and getting on with business. You get the same in Paris, New York, Washinton and so on. For England though London is an essential 'to see' so does colour the tourist vision. Scotland and Wales probably do get more tourists who are not as centered on the cities so the experience is different for them.

    I used to visit both Paris and London on a regular basis and there is little to chose between them as far as 'frfiendliness' to the visiter is concerned.