Arrogant pompous arrsehole

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. In T' Sunday Telegraph is an article about parasites (MPs) and the exorbitant amount of money they freeload for doing fcuk all and their attempts to stop themselves from being scrutinised. One parasite (MP), Ken Purchase, tries to justify his theft from the taxpayer, sorry, money grabbing by saying, "I am a Member of Parliament. I make decisions about big things. I don't worry about what everyone else has had for their dinner and I don't expect anyone else to worry about me."

    Nice to know then that his money-grabbing pocket-lining antics are totally justified because he makes "decisions about big things".

    I know its a tired subject but you'd think that this tit would be a bit more subtle (along with the other freeloaders) when people who really deserve that money aren't getting fcuk all.
  2. Welcome to the world, FABLONBIFFCHIT.
  3. Latest thing to set me off on a rant. Some twat on TV this morning saying what a wonderful idea it is to tax the gas companies and others on the large profits they are making. Now don't get me wrong I think that the profits that the gas companies in particular are making are dispicable but why another tax? All thats needed is a cut in gas prices across the board, not a tax which no doubt will be used to subsidise the great unwashed at the expense of working families.
  4. Dick Cheney? Is that you? No? You sure as hell sound like him.
  5. Every time I meet an MP I remember why they are called 'member'
  6. I don't get it.
  7. Oh, that member! :D
  8. Can we rename this thread please. I came here thinking I'd been called.
  9. Sounds like me as well. Another current bright idea is to ratchet up the duty on booze: as soon as that's done, we're told, the streets will suddenly be free of murderous mongs. Oh yeah? Wouldn't have anything to do with ever more cash flowing into Neue Arbeit's Tax & Waste pot? Yet again the so-called 'coping classes' - from binmen to dukes - will be kicked in the goolies for the sake of idle, useless tossers whose one attraction to Gordon and Co. is their unfailing X on the ballot paper. It took centuries in this country to achieve 'No Taxation without Representation' - what about the other way round for a change? That would be tough on the 'genuine' unemployed, disabled etc., but why shouldn't those who pay the piper call the tune? Then we might see a bit less strutting arrogance from some of these self-important clowns at Westminster. Ah well, dream on ...
  10. That's right old boy. Dream on.
  11. And your constructive, well-argued contribution to this thread would be ...?
  12. For you to shut the feck up.
  13. You're not an MP, by any chance?
  14. Can't be, he what he wanted to say too concisely.
  15. Can't be, he what he wanted to say too concisely.