Arrogant Hoon "you're irritating me"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 19, 2004.

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    Hoon, you're a tw@t. And I'll soon be writing in person to tell you that! :twisted:
  2. Why the feck though are they telling the 'Mirror'?........Why not a Redtop or paper that everyone reads...........better about the local TV Stations.........with a formal complaint to TCH's local constituency Party?
  3. How disgusting! Hoon makes my skin crawl.

    TCH is a disgrace who should have resigned long ago. This is just the latest example of his arrogant, overbearing attitude, and illustrates the bullying style so typical of New Labour.
  4. I met TCH at Brize once as the Booties were flying out to save the spams in A/Stan. As soon as he found out our guys were on the ISAF tour and I was there dropping off freight he turned tail and hardly said a word. ******.
  5. The whole labour party with it's Lying w*nker Blair and Buffoon Prescott make my skin crawl.

    I hope that when they eventually die that its a long painful death.
  6. there are so, so many people in the queue to watch that long and painful death......
  7. Sticking this mincing, hand wringing moron against a wall and slotting him would be a far to quick and noble exit.
  8. Unfortunately with the recent election shennanigans, electoral boundarys being moved on a "whim" and the soon to be promoted regional assemblies taking the fall for every Whitehall cockup, what do you think the chances are of a fair election?

    Throw in a lttle bit of electoral fraud by "minority" groups and away you go.... Time to join the third world in the corruption stakes.
  9. Ruggy, cope with that. Its small fry to what the many would invoke on the said person, you can take tablets for that...... :lol: 8) Hoon has no chance of getting better........ hopefully....... :evil:
  10. But you could prolong the slotting exercise by holding a raffle each day, the winner getting to expend 1 round of ammunition into the target, which for the purpose of this exerise will be known as a "Hoon", the round must not kill the "Hoon", I feel that this could go on for some days before someone, to be known as "The Party Pooper" finally despatches the "Hoon".

    To make this exercise more fun the winners ofthe raffle should all be Labour MP's and the party pooper who slots the "Hoon" should then become the next "Hoon".

    Dreams are made of this.
  11. armourer,
    I like your thinking.

    But why let other labour MP's have all the fun?

    after the 'partypooper' fcuks up just have the winner of the next days raffle pick out of a lineup!

    Keep nine or ten on permanent standby in a 'transit block' somewhere.

    The added stress of waiting and staying in the sh1t we have to rather than the prisons they are turning into butlins should help to keep our spirits up at least! :twisted:
  13. You took the words out of my mouth!!
  14. LRM,

    Maybe they did but only the Mirror picked up on it to make amends for their last editor's fcuk up.
  15. what a fcuking low life weasel. that comment is uncalled for and downright ignorant
    sack the bloody lot of them!

    oooh if i was in charge..............