Arrogant Canuck Fool

Can't see what the problem is.

Are you refering to him being arrogant because he takes it for granted that he is going to pass the course?

If so, he is hardly going to say: 'Well i'll try the course, but probably won't pass'.


Thinking positive - is that being arrogant

Whats the point in doing something if you think your going to fail.
i thought thinking positive, is synonomous with the "Commando spirit". Nothing wrong with his attitude IMHO.
Best wishes to your boy Dingerr - better to have tried and failed than grow old and wonder. Nothing wrong with a positive attitude. Those who doubt themselves have defeated themselves before they attempt anything
Rather than stifling a prospect's enthusiasm, it's much better to temper it by adving said individual to focus purely on the immediate tasks at hand and not think about the future... give a 110% on every task, no matter how basic or trivial it may seem.

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