Arrogance of the Wealthy Landowner

Auctioneer who cut down neighbour's tree to improve views from his hot tub as wedding present to new wife ordered to pay record fine | Mail Online

At Bournemouth Crown Court last November, Davey was found guilty of arranging to have the 55-year-old tree felled and was ordered by a court to pay out £50,000 to make up the difference in his property's value.
He was also fined £75,000 fine, a record for the offence of destroying a protected tree, and ordered to pay court costs of £14,500.
Davey, who owns an auction house, launched an appeal but rather than quash his sentence, a Court of Appeal judge today upheld the earlier ruling, and ordered him to pay an extra £2,021 to cover costs.
Lord Justice Patrick Elias described Davey’s act as 'cynical', and said the substantial fine reflected the fact that the crime was one of the most serious of its kind.
What a pompous ****!!

The houses are on a hill. It would take 100 years for a replacement tree to grow to replace it.

The value of the lower house (who owned the tree) has probably been halved as it is now directly overlooked by the other property.
People actually read the Daily Mail don't they :(


I bet he has a hot young wife who married him for his money and in a few years she will leave him after bleeding him dry and taking half of everything as well as his house.

Yes im jealous and trying to make myself feel better about it.


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It certainly looks like it.


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Perhaps it was a lot he had in for auction. Otherwise it does make a very explicit statement about the man.
On the plus side, at least sat in his hot tub,no one can see him cry.

I assume his legal bills on top of he awards must be pretty hefty? That hot tub has probably cost him the guts of a quarter million, and a hell of a lot more when the 'new' wife leave him. Schadenfreude. Priceless.


He is chairman of the The National Association Of Valuers & Auctioneers (N.A.V.A)

Fine upstanding citizen.. cant find piccies of wife anywhere though
Next he wont be allowed to flog his staff for not doffing their caps to him..... what is this country coming to?

flog...auctioneer...gettit?....Ahh my Taxi

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