Arriving from Canada(eventually)

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Kerouac_Jack, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. I'm planning on moving over to the UK in the Fall to join the army but I'm at a bit of a loss in knowing where I should go, so I figured I'd ask for some advice. Where ever I go I'll need to be there for 3-6 months so preferably somewhere thats abit lower in the cost of living dept. If it matters I'll being going into selection with the intention to join the Para's(whether or not that happens is different story).
  2. If your Canadian, dont have a British passport you wont be able to join as far as Im aware. If I was you Id go onto the internet on and get some information on line. They have people you can chat to online and will be able to give you more info.
  3. Ive been out of recruiting for over a year now as a recruiting Sgt and things have changed and changing all the time especially with overseas applicants. My advice is speak to army careers first and find out the pro's cons before flying over to UK thats all. They will be able to tell him the overseas process, visa requirements, passports requirements etc. Its a bit of a mine field before he starts the selection process. Theres also the problem of having to go into your own countries army depending on their rules.
  4. This isn't something I thought up yesterday, I've been looking into every detail for months as its obviously a bit of a risk and theres the added benefit that I'm not a complete idiot. Of course(!) I've checked that site already and I've talked to several people in army careers just to make sure I get the same answer.
    Now that I've humored you, at least bother to read my question and answer if you've got anything constructive to add.
  5. Kerouac_Jack what employment are you seeking while you are here in the interim period. The reason I ask this is there is different boom in all areas of the UK.
  6. I'm not being to picky at the moment. I have previous work experience from call centers, tree planting, and the food industry(kitchen work). I've also taken a bartending course and am hoping to get some experience over the summer. Getting a job at a bar would likely be my first try.
  7. Well, well... glad to see your fired up however as you have done nothing but talk and are asking advice from those who have already earned their place through service, it might be a good idea to swallow your pride a bit and be respectfull.

    Question though... what's wrong with Canada's military? I know quite a few good folks in uniform up there...
  8. First of all, get the correct visa that enables you to work.
    A lot of foreigners do work here but illegally (chances of getting caught are remote) but what would happen if you did get pulled by Blairs thought police and suddenly had a criminal conviction.
    I think most Arrsers will agree on this point that even though the UK is a island it is exceptionally diverseve from the North of Scotland, West Wales, East England and the South Coast. (Reverse the question if someone asked about where to live in Canada) What type of area do you want to live in and what leisure activities interest you as you will need to train as well as work.
  9. I certainly don't mean to come off as offensive and am sorry if I did, but I also didn't want to come off a walt without a clue either.

    And there's not a thing wrong with the Canadian Army, infact it was my full intention to join 4 months ago untill someone brought to my attention I could join overseas. I've been looking into it since and feel it would be a better opportunity and personal acheivement for myself.
  10. Fair enough...

    Take your time and do it right then. Make certain all your ducks are in a row with the paperwork and such before hopping the plane. Good luck... although luck is made by being prepared.
  11. If by "type of area" you mean like the city or otherwise I'm certainly not picky in this either. I've lived in cities, suburbs, and even a cabin in the middle of nowhere briefly. I probably wouldn't want to live in a huge city though. 50k-70k people is what I'm most used to.

    Currently for leisure I swim, play rugby and am getting into boxing over the summer. Also been known to drink a few to many every now and then. I tend to enjoy the music scene too(any type of music). I play guitar, banjo, and some sax and violin.

    Edit: i forgot a whole word
  12. ??????????

    Isnt mentioning the visa aspect and passport constructive, Before you even start the process you need to show these details has you need a certain amount of time left on each of these so they can careers office will send details to overseas cell. I cant remember the exact amount of time but it cant just be a normal visa. From personnel experience I had encountered potential applicants who were unable to join due to conscription to their own countries or if they had apprentice ties. As I said all these up to date details can be found on the link I gave and its best to speak to an on line recruiter who can give you all this, especially through the Strand. If as you say you've spoken to recruiters already you would of already know that the overseas process can take up to a year if you are one of the lucky ones who get past the initial overseas process. Then you have the selection process of interviews, fitness, medicals etc, so a lot of overseas applicants need a sponsor to stay with.
    Where ever I go I'll need to be there for 3-6 months

    I was only trying to advise you with what I had seen first hand in the recruiting office with overseas applicants when I was there. Things might of changed a bit in the last year but if your not fully aware of all the pit falls you might fall flat on your face.
    If you think I was humouring you when trying to give you free advise you will have a lot to learn if you get into the Army.