Arriving for basic at ATR Pirbright.

I start basic in just over a weeks time at ATR Pirbright. I have sworn my oath and been given my travel warrant etc. As I am travelling from "up north" the train journey is around 6 hours with 5 changes. I have therefore decided to go down on the Sunday before and stay in a cheap hotel. My CS said that there is no problem with doing this, but my question is, should I go to the train station at Brookwood to meet the army staff, or should I arrive at the main gates to the camp? I know it probably seems like a bone question, but I am not sure of the procedures to enter an army base. If I explain who I am and show I.D to the guards do you think that would be acceptable? Any help would be appreciated.
You can get dropped off or in your case go to ATC Pirbright but i reccomend to go to the train station this way it avoids hassel when you get to the gates. Hope you enjoy basic as much as i did!!!
Go and meet the transport at the station like everyone else, for various reasons.
Hi Pukka, are you starting on the 21st?

If so, I will look forward to seeing you I start at Pirbright on the 21st myself.

However I am coming from slightly north...about 2 hours for me, through London and the fun stuff.

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