Arrival Of New Mini GPMG


Mrs FBW i.e RRBitch Had a little girl this morning at 0950hrs :D :D

I have my G.P.M.G at last :D

Her name is Georgina Paige Mxxxxxxx-Gxxxxxxxx 8)
Congrats. When can I, oh I mean you, poke her again? :D
Congrats to you both, hope your nappies will be well soiled with beer and lager and my smilies dont fekkin work still............. XX
Congrats FBW and RRB! And such a NICE name! Soz... wrong thread :lol:

Well done the two of you, but specially RR :)
Congratulations to your family! Or felicidades y bendiciones, as my sainted grandmother would have said. :D
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