Arriva - You Must Use The Bus Stop.

Have you ever noticed on bus stops that some say request and some say fare stage? No? Well buses are supposed to stop at Fare Stage but only stop if flagged at a request stop.
It now seems that Arriva have introduced tough new penalties for those not using their bus stops in the correct manner or for trying to stop a bus between stops.

Arriva Introduce Tough New Penalties

Some of the comments are a treat especially the one from Texas Pete!
So Arriva arranged the deparcha of someone trying to board the outrage bus.
terroratthepicnic said:
Oh I see, you were being funny. Hahahaha, I get it.
Being in the NAAFI wasn't a clue then?
vvaannmmaann said:
Did he not realise the guy was dragged along for over 400 metres?
He (too) was feeling a bit run down.
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