Arriva Buses Star of the Future Competition.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Fordprefect, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Don't feel pressured into supporting this
    Arriva Buses are running a “Star of the Future” competition and my Daughter Anna is one of the final three. It is a public vote to see who gets the £500 towards training, tuition or sports equipment. Anna is a disabled paradressage rider who at 14 has already competed at National and International level for the past two years and is striving towards Team GB Start Squad selection next year (She tried out for them this year as their youngest ever rider to be invited to trial for a place on the team). Although a Blue suited dependant thought it was worth placing here to maximise the mob vote.

    To vote you can do it three separate ways (or all three) which are:-

    Email send Anna to with Star of the future in the subject heading.

    Phone 0121 3552640 where you will be asked to leave her name and a reason for why you think she should win it

    Or text “Anna” to 07768 958759

    Every vote helps and the competition closes on the 16th September so feel free to pass this on to maximise her chances.

  2. Emailed and text sent. Good Luck to Anna
  3. Why not - me too!
  4. Cheers guys,very much appreciated.
  5. Text and email, good luck to you Anna.
  6. Cheers all, last couple of days to jam up the PR companies lines....
  7. Text sent! Best of luck to her FP!
  8. Done,good luck to her.
  9. Done and best of luck to Anna :D
  10. Good luck to Anna - dressage is not easy and she's done exceptionally well so far.

    Text sent.
  11. ***BUMP***
  12. Thanks for the support guys 'n' gals. Out and about most of this week but will check in as and when i can. Last few days for that famous green vote to push!
  13. Done, good luck Anna
  14. Many thanks once again.
  15. Email sent.

    Good luck to Anna.