Arrests over US army base plot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 8, 2007.

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  1. What are the odds that the 4 'Yugoslavs' are Bosnian Muslims or Kosovo Albanians?

    Failed foreign policy coming back to haunt the US?

    Edited to add...

    Just tracked this down on FOXnews - just to keep the GOP drones interested -,2933,270601,00.html

    Looks like Kosovo Albanians. Not content with causing trouble in Serbia and the Balkans, now moved into the big league!!!
  2. Well the Serbs did try to warn us did they not?

    What price Blairs and Clintons intervention now?
  3. It looks as 'special thanks' for the 'liberation'.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

  5. LOL.. Never noticed.

    Did notice a surprising similarity between the lead suspect's name, and the phrase 'Durka Durka', however.

  6. I've been mulling over the wider implications of this. Fortunately, there is one alert VCR/DVD copying chappie to thank that this didn't all end in tears. But what would have happened if they had actually got around to running amock?

    A little while ago (here), there was a brief exchange on ARRSE about the effects of another terrorist attack on CONUS during Bush's watch. What effect would it have on the public's perception of the 'success' of "doing it there, so we don't have to do it here"? Sadly, we didn't get anywhere.

    If it transpires that Durka, Durka, Durka plus 3 were inspired to plan this event based upon US operations POST 9-11, where does this leave the Bush strategy/doctrine? This doesn't seem such an unreasonable assumption, does it?

  7. I think that this incident is as much "Failed foreign policy coming back to haunt the US" as the NI problem was the result of the army going in to help out the Roman Catholic community in '69
  8. Not sure what you're trying to say. Reading between the lines, I can come up with at least 5 contradictory possibilities. Can you be a little more explicit?
  9. OK Mate.

    My basic premise is that there is no corallation between a few muslim eastern european terrorists and the rescuing of muslim Kosavans from their fate. On my first tour of NI a couple of RUC chappies floated the same idea about the origins of the latest round of the troubles, that our going in to protect Roman Catholic famiies from the tender mercies of the Protestant mob had come back to bite us.

    My post therefore was to link the two and show that both were untenable positions
  10. No different than the terror plots uncovered in the UK. Good police work and an alert citizen.
  11. Thanks. That was not one of the 5 possibilities I had summised!

    OK. Now consider it like this then. And this is for the General too.

    The Bush regime has made it well known, that their war in Iraq is part of the doctrine of "doing it there, so we don't have to do it here." In plain English, it's better to fight the jihadists in Iraq than the US.

    My point is this. It looks very much as if this bunch of nutters have been spurned into action by the US's actions in places such as Iraq. What does that say of the policy?
  12. Terrorists were plotting and carrying out attacks on the West long before Iraq. Recent conflicts are merely being used as the excuse for their actions. if it is not one thing with the Islamists, it is another, be it Salman Rushdie, Danish Catroonists or Dutch Film Directors. You cannot reason with these people.

    It was the Islamsists who started it all or have you forgotten the women and children aboard those aicraft which were slammed into the Twin Towers? Your memories are indeed short if not.

    Even back in the early 90's we were coming across fundamentalists in Yugoslavia and they were doing more than their fair share of murder.

    Serb atrocities in Kosovo were a response to Muslim atrocities, not the cause. I do not excuse Serb retaliation but the real guilt lies with those that started the killings in Kosovo.. the KLA.
  13. It says the policy is potentially as flawed and empty as one of His Tonyness's promises! Regardless of that, with around 600m residents in the US and a 'progressive' foreign policy it is hardly surprising that a small group of nutters would consider trying this. Lucky Harrison Ford was on the case really.
  14. I agree that Iraq policy is indeed deeply flawed but the point remains, unless we are willing to engage our enemy militarily and destroy it, then we may as well start growing our beards now and give up drinking and porn!

    Like it or not, we are in this for the duration.