Arrests over thief imprisonment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nottyash, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Four people were arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment after a man was escorted through a shopping centre with a sign around his neck saying "thief".

    Police said the men - aged 22, 41, 42 and 44 - were questioned following an incident in Witham, Essex, on Friday.

    A police spokeswoman said a 39-year-old man was also arrested on suspicion of theft and all five were granted bail until 27 November.

    "Officers are investigating allegations against five Essex men," she said.

    When asked about the man being escorted through Witham with his hands bound and the cardboard sign around his neck, the police spokeswoman said she could not discuss details of the incident.

    Which ARRSER'S have been conspicuous by their absence?
  2. They can't all be Essex men,who wrote the "thief" sign?????
  3. Your thinking about Essex women. Time to retreat.
  4. Frequently
  5. Can´t see what the problem is.

    No, doubt the thief will get let off for hurt feelings, and the four blokes will be snt down for 5 years each. Theif will be on the rob again within days.

    It will surface that the police had been informed several times about thief, but were always "too busy" to respond. It will also transpire that the theif is a serial tealeaf with a court appearance, warning, arrest record that is longer than 10 arms. The other four will be good charachter, youth workers, ex-cop that sort of thing.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That was a bit stupid wasn't it? (Essex aside)

    Why not just take him somewhere quiet and provide some Contact Aversion Training?
  7. Is this also known as percussion rectification? :wink:
  8. Gonna have to remember them. 8)
  9. Full story here:


  10. Maybe plod will one day get the message that the good upright citizens of this country have had enough. Heed the warning signs now,if this was "Redneck USA" instead of Essex UK would this scumbag still be walking ?

  11. Utilising the C.R.A.A. (Close Range Attitude Adjuster, 2lb. ball-pein version)
  12. Exactly. What did they THINK the police response was going to be when they tied the bloke up, chucked him in a van then made him walk down the street to the nick with a sign 'round his neck... :roll:

    They're just lucky the scroat is'nt black, muslim or gay - they'd be looking at a life sentance! :twisted:

    Oh, and I have zero fcuking sympathy for the tea leaf; they should have broken his fcuking hands.
  13. I don't have any sympathy for the "alleged" thief, but taking him walkies down the high street, after driving him there, is a bit dull on his accusers part.

    Anyway that's a detected false imprisonment and a theft.

    Great Success!
  14. Aye, but the drug-dealer in question had made the mistake of selling on the local paramilitarie's turf, no doubt without giving them a "cut". Hence his punishment.

    I'm all in favour of inflicting pain, humiliation and fear on scum like drug dealers. But let's not pretend this guy was punished by law abiding people fed up with police inaction. He was dumb enough to p1ss off the big boys and was fcuking lucky not to end up dead in a ditch...
  15. You left out Assualt. :wink: