Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by PassiveOlive, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Unfortunatly i got arested for being drunk last night, they have informed my new barracks (leconfield) i am starting phase 2 tomorow and need to report to the OC about the matter.

    Any idea what will happen to me? I have already been charged by the civilian police to i cant be charged twise, but im guessing my life isnt going to be made very easy because of this?
  2. Welcome to civvy street.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Guess again.
  4. Failing the service test

    bring the army into disrepute

    Have you been in any other trouble?
  5. No, this is the first time i have ever been in trouble with civi police or within the army
  6. ISTR that anyone on a driving course at Leconfield who got caught exceeding blood/alcohol limits was removed from training. If driving was a core trade for you, tough.

    While CivPlod may not charge you again, your employer certainly might.

    Sorry, soon-to-be-former-employer.
  7. But surly that dosnt count as i am not on the cource yet and i was on leave?
  8. Your in the Army ya muppet, not a B&Q worker. (which you may soon be)
  9. U really think im going to be kicked out?

    God damit.
  10. You're due to start training at Leconfield (so I'm assuming its driver training) having got yourself a date with a magistrate lined-up. How do you think that'll go down?
  11. My Bold.

    Depends what 'That' means. If you are referring to being subject to Military Law then that does count. 24 hours of every day it counts.

    If by that you mean getting chucked of your course then that is down to the discretion of the Course OC. If as you state you have never been in trouble, either Mil or Civ you might get lucky. If you are normally a tw*t then goodbye.

    Also, with regards to being charged twice you are not quite right. Now the Police have charged you the Police cannot charge you again for the same crime. However the Military discipline system can still charge you.
  12. Nothing you've done will ever bring the army into disrepute - there are far more dodgy individuals out there than yourself. Just tell your OC how ashamed you are - write a letter of apology to him and grovel.
  13. "Bringing the Service into disrepute" and "Failure to maintain good order and discipline" for starters
  14. Exactly what were you charged with?
  15. Agree with FinalRV, your subject to military law regardless if your on leave. You think when your on Hols that your not, then youve just had the first painful lesson, the second may come on monday depending how the OC feels, but well you may im afraid have just blown it.