Arrested for refusing to return football

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. You couldn't make it up... this just seems completely bizarre...

  2. He should sue the fuzz for false imprisonment. Taking a ball is one thing, not returning it is another. He is simply not obliged to. Leaving it on the lawn is not theft. The next time my car gets towed away, I shall call the polis and ask them to arrest the clamping company...I wonder how far I get
  3. The definition of theft Section 1 theft act 1961: A person shall be guilty of theft, if he/she DISHONESTLY APPROPRIATES PROPERTY belonging to another with the INTENTION of permanently depriving them of it. He should have let the Police charge him Formally and insisted on going to court, The important word in the above statement is INTENTION. They would have to prove he had no intention of ever returning it. The Bobbie dealing with this went way over board and gives most Bobbies a bad name.
  4. yes, and he didnt "appropriate" it either, it fell into his garden. I would have gone to court, and then after a not guilty verdict, taken them to the cleaners for false imprisonment. Tech them a lesson where it counts, in the pocket, PC doesnt get promotion, whatever, sends a message to his oppos about not being silly arrses.
  5. Mr Burns (father of boy with ball) - who works for the CPS - says he did not notify the police. Presumably he notified his local council though as this chap was dragged before a councillor in the local church hall. How far were they all prepared to go? If the guy had binned the ball would they sue him for £1.99? These people all have way too much time on their hands.
  6. One of the 'kids' retrieving the ball was 18. Kids seem to be getting older nowadays. Wasn't this 18 year old 'child' tresspassing in the first place? Invading privacy etc. Rather than pi$$ing about like an 18 year old big girls blouse in the street he should have been getting his hair cut to No.2 to ready him for his 2 years National Service. He'd be a man and not a boy by the time he turned 20.

    And yes, the Police were a shambles..... again.
  7. This was on the Jeremy Vine show.

    Mr Burns declined to participate and the senior police officer put up to sort it was - altho making some points- floundering.

    "Mr Wood was arrested. cuffed, driven round in a police car, after a conversation with the arresting officer and whilst still in the car was "de arrested" and driven to the church hall to meet a councillor"- all this as told by him on the radio.

    Now this stinks.
    What was the PC up to?
    Was this a "putting the frighteners on" as a favour to a mate?
    How did the PC know the councillor was at the church hall?

    I don't envy the internal affairs department that has to sort this one out- and by featuring on national radio it won't go easily to bed.