Arrested for committing no crime.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The guy might be a vile creature but the point is he has been arrested in the UK for something that is not a crime here on a european arrest warrant.

    Full story in The Times.

    Comment piece clicky

    Edited to add second link.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Welcome to the EU.

    Referendum anyone?
  3. isn't the same done when someone commits a crime abroad and we send them over there to face the music? (cant remember the technical term)
  4. Are your papers in order comrade?
  5. In the European Union, the referendum votes on you!
  6. This is seriously worrying stuff. Its bad enough that freedom of expression is being curtailed - even if its for obnoxious people on the left/right/religious extremes - but this sets a precedent for one EU country to impose any law they create on the citizens of other countries.

    The average topic on Arrse might well lead to criminal prosecutions, if it upsets some rabidly PC-minded government elsewhere.

    How long before a pro-EU country makes it a thought crime to denigrate the EU? Would have seemed like a silly concept just a few years ago; today, it does not seem so incredible to contemplate...
  7. Two thoughts spring to mind

    1)He's an Australian, so is the EU now going to explain to the Australian Government why they're nicking someone on a charge under German law that doesn't apppy to an Australian national? Or will the EU, an non existant state, feel that it's entitled to trample over the laws of another country when it says so..? Any chance any Burmese Government Officals going to be nicked for being part of a Government that shot people at demos?

    How many Business around the world are now going to consider allowing their staff to travel to an EU country if there's the slightest risk some jumped up fourth rate EU country decides that that company has done something illegal under it's laws in another country?

    2)HRA......Freedom of Speech I believe is a right under EU imposed laws. How does this square with German law then? Is this going to be another case of the rest of Europe giving us grief for not being "European" enough whilst ignoring EU laws as they deem fit?

    I don't like the muppet, another deluded walt but I loathe the idea of another country telling us who to arrest becasue they say so...and I despise and loathe this spineless goverment of talentless no hopes and born liars....
  8. If they're a British Subject yes. But since this muppet has Australian citizenship then no, particurly since this could be seen as a Political crime, even more so since German law forbids extrading German citizens.........

    Another country can apply for extradition of one of it's own nationals living in the UK, but it can get tricky, unless it's fairly straightforward matter. Pinochet was always going to be a tricky one as it was a Spainish court trying to arrest the former Head of State of Chile in a third country.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    But not if its not a crime in the UK, or that was the promise when the law was passed.

    Foreign governments can now dictate how you think in effect.

    It sets an extremely worrying precedent.
  10. Bring on the referendum.
  11. Interpol 1 - Nazis 0
  12. Thought police 1, free speech, 0.

    Holocaust denial isn't "evil" or "cruel", it's just misguided flying-in-the-face-of-facts. If someone says that a circle has four sides, or that the sky is green, they're flying in the face of facts as well. Doesn't mean that they should be arrested for being so stupidly wrong though.

    Arresting people for material crimes, fine, but making it illegal to think a thing? That's an idea that even Zanu NL haven't thought of yet.
    Oops, I'd best keep my mouth shut, lest they catch on.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Are you agreeing with this? Put asside the guys opinion, and thats all it is after all, and you think its OK to arrest someone for what they believe in, however repugnant, when such things are not a crime in the UK?
  14. Brings to mind 'hate crimes'.
  15. Oh come on. We can't bring ourselves to prosecute a bunch of rabit mouth breathing placard waving "behead those that insult islam" loonies for actively inciting religiously motivated disorder, but we can take on the dangerous and politically sensitive task of detaining a single individual who has committed no crime in this country?