Arrested for anything

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CQMS, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Well, with prisons being so empty and the police having nothing to do; what do you expect!!!


    Edited because I am a spelling mong!
  2. With all the police stationed by war memorials just in case someone should decide to recite the names of the fallen I may just get away with being drunk and disorderly.
  3. Notice the Minister resposnsible for this p*sh is an ugly ginger bint .. can we put that on the list ?? .. that'll teach her. Oh, and fat women in leggings as well .. lets Keep Britain Beautiful !!
  4. If I may paraphrase

    "It pointed out that powers to stop people under anti-terrorist legislation, which the public had been reassured would be applied correctly and sparingly, were wrongly used against an elderly heckler at the Labour Party conference in the autumn."

    "The introduction of a single, rationalised power of arrest simplifies arrest powers and requires the police officer to consider the necessity of the arrest."

    Himmilar would have creamed himself for such powers.
  5. "We need to maintain the crucial balance between the powers of the police and an individual's rights."

    How many times have we heard that line in the last year? While I normaly think of Liberty as a bunch of hippie soap dodgers, for once I'm prepared to think they're right. Although the bit about a photo database seems a bit tin-foil hatish.
  6. It's alright guys the Police will be so busy chasing foxhunters that they won't have the time to misuse any new powers.
  7. Do you think that when the loonies who think these laws up get round to
    organising a state funeral for the last Tommy that they'll spot any irony?
  8. tony B will be arrested for being and out and out cnut
  9. Sir Ian Blair thinks that just because you have trained in Terrorist Camps in Afghanistan or Pakistan it doesn't necessarily mean you will be arrested or that you are a threat, contrast that with some of the recent police visits to Christian households and the pattern begins to emerge. These laws will be used to criminalise Die Neue Arbeit political opposition. The police are being used to enforce a political philosophy rather than to uphold the law without favour. I have a seriously bad feeling about this.
  10. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!

    When are we having a Torch light parade?

    Any Books to burn?
  11. Health and Safety officials have banned torchlit parades on the grounds of Global warming, book burnings are still permitted however and the burning of Magna Carta is to be encouraged...
  12. Ask them to respond to a real crime and they are suddenly over run with pathetic little fixed penalties and paperwork.
  13. OK what has she done now
  14. maybe we should allow the old bill on here to respond ..they are the poor buggars that are on the front line.. any plod on here??