Arrest, Restraint and Search lesson

Discussion in 'Officers' started by westy_1981, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. hello all,

    i have to run a 45 minuter on Arrest, Restraint and Search of suspects.

    Just wondered if anyone's done one recently and got any tips?

    Any funnies included? (obviously searching offers itself up)

    It's all outdoors so unfortunately can't include any computer clips.

    The main issue seems to be cramming a vast amount of info into a relatively small (45 mins) amount of time.

    Cheers, Westy
  2. Are you allowed to give such a lecture, thinking about the law side of it, if you give somebody the wrong info or if someone is hurt while they are practicing the tecniques shown to restrain.

    If you are not it might be worth getting a trained instructor to visit the unit.
    Just a thought sorry.

  3. westy, I have to agree with sparkysapper on that one.
    I did my training at hendo nfor the Metropolitan special Constabulary in Novenber/December last year. The class had a lot of instructors from CO11, the public order branch of the Met.
    We covered arrest, restraint (cuffs, method of application and removal), two person control and subject searching in a variety of ways. I never knew the legal and practical implications of all of these actions.
    One thing that wew were warned for repeatedly was the need to be trained by a professional control and restraint trainer. No exceptions!

    Hope this was of use.

  4. Westy, get in touch with the PTIs/SMI - this is their area of expertise.

  5. Get in touch with your local police force. we had our local forces instructor. Great lesson and the guys enjoyed it.
  6. Every nick will have what's called an Officer Safety Instructor who's a Pc who's done the course. Chances are they'll send him along with all the Gucci kit like the Sumo-suit thing (technical term) so you can batter each other with batons and stuff.

    Do you use plasticuffs or speedcuffs? Plasticuffs aren't routinely used by local officers and you might need to get a public order trainer in.
  7. Don't touch it would be my advice. Get on to the MAA who covers your unit and get him to sort out the appropriate PT asset - more likely to be APTC than an AIPT.
  8. thanks for all the info provided.

    i understand about the safety aspect and bringing in the police would be ideal.

    However, it's going to be less practical in terms of physical confrontation and more the mental side of things - how you react to a situation? positioning of soldier vs assailant? etc etc

    i would love to do the whole 'sumo suit' lesson, but unfortunately the lesson is on ex in Cyprus.

    cheers, Westy
  9. Good to hear how things have improved in the Met since I became a Special Constable 30 years ago. Our training in such fun things was done later on division by a couple of PCs who were "experts" in the subject. By sheer coincidence they were all ex-Marines and as hard as hell. I've never forgotten the lessons! Definitely a smart idea to get the police involved - if it goes wrong and someone gets hurt (quite a good chance too) then at least someone else would have been responsible for the risk assessment etc!

    It can get quite interesting if the person being "arrested" decides to struggle. However, you would not be doing any of it if they were not making a fight for it. Not too many willingly accept the invitation to a free journey to The House of Correction.
  10. CPNs are trained in the use of control and restraint techniques. Not quite arrests, but they will also be able to give a useful insight into the psychological aspect of confrontational situations, such as defusing skills, non-verbal signals and so on.

    You should be able to contact the Mental Health Team through the hospital at RAF Akrotiri, or the med centre at Episkopi.
  11. Try the local RMP unit or the SBA Police as well.