Arrest in connection to murdered PSNI Officer

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Just heard that a Dissident Republican (You know, those really brave men that fight against the evil crown force oppressors by blowing up peelers cars)

Brian Carron appeared at Dungannon Mags charged with possessing explosives, firearms and articles for use in terrorism. After PSNI found some items in his house that will be a tad awkward to explain. He rocked up to court wearing a GAA shirt...

He was locked up following a load of searches in connection of the murder of young constable Ronan Kerr back in 2011.

Murdering someone is of course not especially difficult: planting a bomb under a car requires presumably some knowledge of how to make a bomb but putting it there and arming it is probably something which any of us could be taught to do in five minutes. It requires little skill and knowledge and much less bravery. It does, however, require a cowardly, hate filled intent. This was no mindless act: no it was an act of calculated wickedness. This “legitimate target” was chosen for his decision to join an honourable profession, he was singled out for his religious faith and a time and place were chosen whereby he could be targeted with the maximum chance of his murder and the minimum risk to his murderers and their assistants.

It also highlights the dissident terrorists’ supposed dream of a united 32 county Ireland: in reality that dream is one of squalid sectarian murder.

A story worth keeping an eye on. The Kerr family deserve justice.
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Seven years later but I am glad they got him!! A bit ironic that the suspect was wearing a GAA shirt when arrested as Ronan Kerr actually was a GAA player, not a wannabe. I hope murdering a police officer carries a life with no parole penalty.

I remember following the events at the time and was saddened by it. HE was trying to preserve peace and killed by a NIRA member. A few weeks before the murder I gave a talk to a group of officers from PSNI, An Garda Síochána, the Belfast unit of NIFRS, Dublin Fire Brigade and some official from Dublin and Belfast. I and a few other Boston area officials spoke on our unified incident command system for large events. Each of the services gave a little souvenir of their service to myself and the other speakers and the PSNI group gave me a PSNI necktie. I proudly wore the PSNI necktie to work for two weeks after Kerr's death.
Ronan was still a probationer, only a year in the job.

His funeral was a day I’ll never forget. Members of his GAA club joined his police colleagues in a highly symbolic guard of honour.

The dissidents are nothing more than a poorly organised gang.
They are infiltrated and compromised; watched and heard, and have been unable to match the momentum of activity that signalled their emergence in a bitter peace process separation from the Provos in the late 90s.

The vast bulk of their activity fails; their shitty IEDs do not explode, their kit is regularly discovered and operations are aborted. They are riddled with touts, including rather recently one of their QMs.

Their “campaign” has stuttered and stalled to the point the vast majority of republicans see them as nothing more than an embarrassment.

They cry for necessity of armed struggle in pursuit of Irish freedom whilst they sell weed to kids and cause a few traffic jams.

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