Arrest And Restraint

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Smithy97, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Hey its just to ask if the infantry do the Arrest And Restraint course ?
    Or is it just RMP / Close Protection
  2. The chefs do it as well apparently
  3. cool when i was in cadets one of the infantry soldiers who visted us guys showed us his kit he had a casco/asp baton do they get issued to Infantry soldiers ? he said it was for public order .
  4. stop lying dude! you are in cadets! (not a special constable!)

    That's not you?! ;)

    sorry to ruin the party. carry on...
  5. I believe impersonating a constable is still an offence...
  6. We don't do it as a rule though if someone wants to do the course they can.
  7. that's what I was getting at!

    as mentioned in the veterans-coin thread... army walting is fully legal but police walting isnt.
  8. Strictly, no it isn't: Uniforms Act 1894. Doubt there's many convictions under that Act though...
  9. I would be interested to find out who delivers this course 'if they want to do it' the PO training delivered for Ops is not a Arrest and Restraint course.