Arrest And Restraint

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Smithy97, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys i wanted to know what units do the Arrest And Restraint course , is it just infantry and RMP ? or do all units cover it ?
  2. why?

    the rmp do the course as do the army school of phys training.

  3. It is also part of some pre-theatre training. Also sometimes done at unit level for PT.
  4. This thread is ident to another on a different web forum. Coincidence?

    It was posted by a cadet whose det had been visited by what may have been a walt, and was showing them A&R including quick cuffs and asp?

    Apparently the person doing the instruction, was/is a L/Cpl pos R Sigs

    All sounds very dodgy
  5. It is not done on pre deployment training as the 'Military Police' do the Civvy Police qualification. PT Corps do not do the Police course. Pre deployment packages are not A&R they are taught to detain and plasti cuff. Soldiers on Ops abroad can carry a baton and plasticuffs but the baton is not allowed to be brought back to the UK as it is an offensive weapon. The only indiviuals permitted and traind to carry a baton within the UK are the Military Police (RMP/RNP/RAFP) This is not an opinion this is English Law and MOD policy.

    Any ideas how I know this ???????
  6. Because you're a crazy copper?
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    When did the rules change then?

    I did the A+R instructors course at Bulford in 1995. It's still on my records as an instructional qualification, however I haven't taken a lesson for about 7 years and wouldn't dream of doing so as I can't remember a fifth of it. And yes, baton techniques were part of it.

    And I'm neither Inf or APTC.
  8. I did that one but thought it changed to another title to do with Public order
  9. Well, your Avitar says 'MP' are you a member of parliment?
  10. I bet you're a laugh on a night out when you discuss the finer points of moving traffic offences.
  11. No all Police (only Service Police not RP) do the Civvy Police course (ACPO/Home Office) because they carry batons and cuffs on UK streets, and potentially could baton or arrest a civvy, it's all to do with liability. The Public Order qual is a different thing and was aimed at places like NI, the PTI school does thier own thing but the only qualified people in the ACPO course are Military Police of any Service.

    Batons are offensive weapons so being caught with one if your in a public place (inc in your car) means you will be arrested, unless you carry a warrant card (civvy or Mil)
  12. Asked a question got an answer, what you after a joke?
    And to clarify I really don't care about pish offences, I leave that to the idiots among us...
  13. Try again. Just being a bobby doesn't give you a right to have one in your possession.

    The law doesn't change because you have a warrant card. You still need a legitimate reason just like every other git.