Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by extrader, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Now MTDs have vanished are any TA going on this exercise. If not will the full time euro-troops actually have to do something apart from taking 3 courses of the admittedly excellent food at every meal (the last remnant of non-PAYD).
  2. I'm sure you meant ARRCADE CONFUSION :wink:

    I'm glad I'm well out off it.

    Bitter by any chance?
  3. No I have been assured it will be different this year (snigger). Although if swathes of TA are staying away that could be a problem. Generally they were there because they wanted to be there which meant they worked prettu hard.
  4. Tents go up, tents go down....
  5. msr

    msr LE

    TA get paid, TA does not get paid...
  6. Assured by who, may I ask?

    I know 7 and 22 (Sigs) are lead, but I can't ever remember any TA joining the Ex. (Stand by to be corrected).
  7. Assured by no-one, but given the obsession with after exercise reports (which start on day one) surely it will be different (snigger).
  8. And have you ever actually been on one or are you just in wind-up mode?
  9. I did Stairs Fusion last year.

    In oak I might add.

    Like a proper Army exercise, I started Monday, finished Friday.
    Then got drunk.



  10. Scratch
    Yup did it twice in a row, then back last year after a five year break and guess what? Nothing had changed. Off on it next week. For a two weeker not too bad (good food, run most days, meet euro-mates from last year and others who I haven't seen for a while).
  11. I know there will be a couple of TA from THEM on the ex...
  12. None from my Unit are attending - about 25 stood down by CoC.

  13. Apparently the Regimental Honorary Col of the RWxY might be there!