Now MTDs have vanished are any TA going on this exercise. If not will the full time euro-troops actually have to do something apart from taking 3 courses of the admittedly excellent food at every meal (the last remnant of non-PAYD).
No I have been assured it will be different this year (snigger). Although if swathes of TA are staying away that could be a problem. Generally they were there because they wanted to be there which meant they worked prettu hard.
TA get paid, TA does not get paid...
Assured by who, may I ask?

I know 7 and 22 (Sigs) are lead, but I can't ever remember any TA joining the Ex. (Stand by to be corrected).
And have you ever actually been on one or are you just in wind-up mode?
I did Stairs Fusion last year.

In oak I might add.

Like a proper Army exercise, I started Monday, finished Friday.
Then got drunk.

Yup did it twice in a row, then back last year after a five year break and guess what? Nothing had changed. Off on it next week. For a two weeker not too bad (good food, run most days, meet euro-mates from last year and others who I haven't seen for a while).
None from my Unit are attending - about 25 stood down by CoC.


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