Arrcade F**k Up: An Apology

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 1_Sig_Bde_Ops, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Apologies for the following:

    That we take up to 12 times longer to get a link in than the TA.

    That our kit is less reliable than the TA's, when we work on it full time.

    That we failed to realise what PXR points are for and for not reading them from the last exercise - and may we apoligise in advance for not readng the PXR points submitted from this years exercise in 2005/6.

    35 Sigs (First of Jack) have asked us to pass on their thanks for allowing them to spend the entire exercise in Herford and Elmpt.

    1 Sig Bde Ops
    "We can't organise a portaloo on an exercise"
  2. Hmm wonder which part of the corps wrote this? Aren't the regular element still on ex (Arrcade Falcon/Fusion)?
  3. Are you refering to the 7 & 16 Sigs being replaced by TA as thier kit/manpower didnt work? :D Be careful mud gets thrown both ways :wink:
  4. Ignore him - he's a pratt. There's always something to learn on ex, and it doesn't always go perfectly, but everyone I've spoken to (with the sense to form a view) says this was a good exercise, for both TA and regular.

    Everyone has their jerks - sorry.
  5. Yes, mistakes get made on exercise, that's what they are for. But I think the suggestion was made that the same mistakes are being made on every exercise and likely to be repeated on the next. If the PXR's aren't being followed up and problems remidied then the exercises aren't doing what they are supposed to.

    If that is indeed is the case and you can't see that there is a problem, then it would be you that is the jerk and the one who should be ignored.
  6. True, 1sbo's last comment about portalos(@elmpt) was definatley true 2 years ago, we had about 1 loo per TA Regt.
  7. Portaloos 8O we had 2 for a Regt at our loc, then 4 and finally 6. Problem was the nearest was bloody miles away.
    No wonder some lazy B*****d dropped one behind our 1624 the night of our move! Didnt even use a shovel :evil:
  8. If you imagine there are any circumstances in which the first post on this thread would help to implement lessons identified from a PXR, then you live in a different world from me. The Regular Army is now more dependent on TA personnel of our Corps than at any time in the last 50 odd years. There is no room for stupid point scoring which reinforces old prejudices rather than building on the growing respect between the professional components of both regular and TA personnel.

    1SBO's post has the mark of a playground tiff initiated by an immature adolescent who wants to provoke an equally childish reaction. I hope that 1 Sig Bde, who put considerable effort into making Ex AF as relevant to the TA as possible, see it as such. I absolutely stand by the view that the author of the post is a pratt.

    For all its value, and I think it has a great deal, ARRSE is not the vehicle for resolving issues like this, particularly if you start from the premise "You're wnakers, we're stars, lets have a slanging match". If you want to play this game then crack on. For my part, I'm more interested in improving operational efficiency than in breaking down regular/TA trust for no good reason.
  10. Donny think we all agree with u on this one but I don't think 1SBO was aiming for a TA/Reg battle. I doubt he's TA doesn't sound like something a TA guy would say on this forum without having a few pints (--oops blonde remark removed--)
  11. Ah, Mud now going both ways.

    To be fair I had a good but bloody hard Ex, did actually get to do my job for once.

    It was good to work with other units and the dets we put out were all very well looked after.

    With regard to TA/Regs slagging match I think we do OK, some of the other threads really turn quite nasty between "us & them" :? Maybe its because we're all "communicators" :D
  12. Boring Ex. 36 hours on a rest platz, nice for the showers, but quality training? Think not.

    Lets put the node in the same field as two Deutsch Telekom masts putting out 3KW's. That'll work then.

    Portaloo's, yes if you want to cabby 5 miles accross the countryside for a dump, that's good planning.
  13. For a start, I made no comment on any Reg vs TA squable, as to do so would only encourage those who bait that sort of pointless crap. My point was that if the same mistakes ARE recuring on every exercise then PXR's are either not being completed honestly, not being consulted by those who should be doing so and any shortcomings are not being remidied for the next exercise.

    If you really are "more interested in improving operational efficiency" then you should see the fact and, if you are in a position to do so, ensure that things are done properly. Rather than slagging somebody off for snide remarks on ARRSE, you should be asking yourself why people feel that's the only way they have to voice their misgivings. Maybe if the management noticed what their soldiers notice, listened to their troops attitudes and ideas or even made themselves more approachable they wouldn't have to resort to ARRSE as a first stop 'solutions box'!
  14. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    Thanks for putting my Rad Det 120ks away from Radcon with no RRBs between us ,Hmmmmmmmm that went well :wink:

    And my wonderfull Node Commander asking why the VHFZ wasnt working ,cause he knows all about Radios so he says :roll:

    And just for the record some of 35 Sigs did get a little further than Elmpt or Herford :wink:

    but thanks to the regs who laid us on a top scoff when we arrived to do Relief in Place :D
  15. msr

    msr LE

    But only on R&R :wink: