Ive recently been chatting to a mate of mine in JHQ who says the whole ARRC to uk move is an absoulute discgrace , half of Sp Bn and nearly all HQ ARRC gone to Innsworth but most people getting f**** around with not enough houses, and many that have gone over still living in hotels due to poor housing, i was going to try for Sp Bn as my final posting but i having my doubts, the rest of the quarters are in with the local pikeys who are robbing the squaddies houses ( aledgedley) any one know any more??
Why do I not have a surprised look on my face (No the answer is not BOTOX).

All recent/current major moves have been/are a shambles - DLO/DE&S to Shabby Wood, HQLF to Andover spring readily to mind.

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