ARRC return date

Why are you asking tis question in an open forum? If you needed to know, you would have been informed through the correct channels. If you'd like to know, them wait until it is made public. And at any rate, if this is ever a thread for the Intelligence Cell.......

Plus respect Opsec if posting replies.
I amasking the question on the army Rumour website cos I heard a rumour it mught be true!

Are you suggesting that there is a proper source who can pass on rumours?

Why should I wait? Is it not a simple question?

I do not understand your penultimate sentence which appears to make no sense.

Don't foregt that you too should respect OPSEC even when wittering on in your Int Cell forum.
Well, I'll repeat again. If you needed to know whether ARRC were extending, you would know. If you don't, you'll find out if it happens via the press.
So the rumour that HQ elements are being extended by up to another 6 months, with many rotational posts to create Harmony; so as to cover the continued UK involvement in Afghanistan is no more than idle bar chat?

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