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Reply to PM sent mate, good luck.
Yamyak, it appears you may be the oracle for my quierys, as such could you assist. I am in the application process of re joining the reserves and have applied for RMP - SIB (V). I have a CID background with a large portion being covert policing. As such what sort of work, deployments can I be expected to look forward to? And also what are the fitness standards in the RMP for those over 40. I have rang and asked and wss told someone will be in touch but think they ard waiting for my med appeal to be agreed. Finally is 19 days a minimum or total for commitment and are the 2 weeks field based? Cheers in advance for your help. Spence.

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Yam yak, just a quickmmessage to you and all on the forum. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all being well will be joining you in March 2014..fingees crossed.

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