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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by upstart, Feb 24, 2002.

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  1. Is it a tradition for COSARRC to change the headquarters layout on posting. Or, is it whenever COSARRC changes the headquarters layout he is immediately posted. Or maybe the layout is changed so often that a change has to coincide with his departure. Wouldn’t life be easier if the new headquarters layout was announced on a set date each year enabling senior officers to put it in their diaries well ahead and the Staff College could plan its visits accordingly. It could be presented in the Phillips Halle with curvaceous young models draped over the six-foot GS on opening day. Though each COSARRC has his Grand Design there are few permutations from which to choose and each layout option could have a name: Arrse, two identical headquarters. Arrseless, when the rear is separated. Full Moon, one big tent that everyone knows where it is but generates fantastic situational awareness. Loose Stool, vehicle mounted very quick into action and surprise is often achieved. Time-for-a-cig, the dismounted variant. Bunged, the one with little movement when only part of the staff deploy. The floater, tailored specifically for the deployment of a design that's not quite one of the others.
  2. Am due to take up a job in the HQ this Jul so would be grateful for any gen info you might have. Also have e-mail posted on site.
  3. I'm sure I have read (or some wise officer once told me) that on posting, a COS is obliged to change routines etc not only to stamp his mark on the org, but to totally disorientate the staff so they have to concentrate on re-familiarisation and consequently mis the COS' cock-ups!
  4. That and the fact that the name has been changed about 19 billion or so times! STAR(E) No.. STAR? Nope.. I know, let's call it STEP UP / ALT / REAR / TAC / MUDDYWETCOLDBUTATLEASTTHEFOODSGOOD.  Hey, well at least it's all over!

    Congrats on another very highly amusing UPSTART this time round!  I know I looked pretty stupid laughing by myself in a dark corner of MAIN!  So where are you off to in November mate?  ;)
  5. What branch are you going to.. ?
  6. And as for the circus train of freaks who accompany the HQ.  Well, properly weird, having had the pleasure of witnessing it a couple of weeks ago.  (And the reason for only seing the weido TA wallers I suppose was the fact that the real workers were still trying to find their way around the HQ).
  7. It is hard what to say. Our HRF(L) certification went well or so COSARRC said however his speech had an air of being copied from the last one and of playing to the crowd. Life after endex has changes. Rumour has it we are going to redesign the headquarters in two respects: which headquarters we have, we are going arrse, and second internally. In the latter COMARRC has had a major input and he invariably selects the option you have not considered and for which you kick yourself for not having thought of so that part of the change may be more joined up as opposed to around the mulberry bush. The second is that everyone is heading for the gate (lots of people were extended to cover the exercise) and a new crew posted in including COSARRC… about when you are arriving… arrrgh are you the new he!
  8. But this COSARRC only goy here last year.. The new COMARRC is due in Jan 03.
  9. A good point. It only goes to prove that when COSARRC reorganises the HQ he gets posted.
  10. To ARRC - the formal definition of which is to - accept risk, take bold, unexpected action thereby throwing the enemy off-balance and achieving surprise. The short definition is “What the ****”. An example; to change command from a headquarters out of missile range and under no immediate threat to one about to be attacked requiring staff to suit up before moving to it.
  11. To ARRC – Support Battalion sweep the railtracks in an abandoned barracks. Presumably a double bluff assuming the enemy wouldnot believe that anyone would do such a thing if ARRC Main was really there.
  12. Of course they would sweep the rail tracks, Not only sweep it but probably try to polish it aswell, Bull it up for the rsm, OOOPPS wrong word ( bull ) highly polish i mean.
  13. Trog, this is grown ups speak. Keep drinking the brasso.

    How did the Ex go in the eyes of the Untermench?
  14. I´ll keep drinking the brasso as long as you .....................leck mich doch am arsch und fick diene selbst mit stacklegrat!
    nice try with the untermensch though! 8)
  15. I still have my suspicions about you, trog!?!?!?