Around the world in a Silver Spitfire


With a victory roll over Berlin, just for good measure.
And strafe Strasbourg (Or which ever gin palace they might be in at the time). Or fund a similar exercise using a Mossie and pretend that the EU HQ is that french prison and rocket the wankstains.
How many £mil did this trip cost ? I dont really see the point other than for bar room bragging rights .
That's a pity.
Much less than some footballers or an F1 car grid-ready.
Dirty Girty from No.Thirty" is a bit of a hero in this house.
Worth every cent out my pension.....
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It should be painted in these colours for this leg!

No hesitation firing up...little puff of upper cylinder/valve oil...and bang.
Seemed to strain at the leash! Lemme go....:p
Actually, it'd make my day if she re-visited the skies over the River Forth where the first war-time engagement of Spitfires were deployed to destroy enemy aircraft. 601 & 602 Squadron....I think. Doubt it though.
Interesting that G-IRTY flew over Bangladesh to India, rather than stopping there. There could be reasons such as time, weather windows, security or facility issues. They are now in Kolkata, West Bengal.



The schedule shows five TBC stops in India but as they say: "Due to the nature of this expedition, and constantly changing circumstances such as Weather holds, we are unable to publish exact dates and locations of arrivals or departures in advance. Please check our Twitter channel for the latest location updates which we will endeavour to post as much as we can."
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Is GIRTY showing off, fuel saving, and gliding on the updrafts? ;)
Possibly turbulence related. If you zoom in on the tightly packed plots where it looks like a half loop, then click on the individual plots, the height goes down as well as up.


Height in feet: 10604, 10565, 10601, 10627, 10519, 10742
Speed in Kn: 191, 205, 219, 218, 226, 219 now has Wednesday's flight track, so here it is. The interpolation (dashed lines) looks reasonable.

I expect they will try to fly to Pakistan this morning, when weather and permits allowing. Here is an extract from the "schedule". (ETA - No flight this morning).

It's only a guide so just for fun I will guess something along the lines of Kirachi, then Turbat, before crossing the Gulf of Oman to Muscat, then follow Highway 1, along the coast, turn East on to Highway 5/E44 through Al Wajajah to Dubai International Airport.

As we approach Remembrance Day (Sunday 10th) as well as 11/11/19, it's worth remembering that many of the countries visited on this journey were involved in some way in the World wars and other conflicts. Mirbat, Dhofar spings to mind. There were 25 operational losses in the Dhofar war, from 1 Oct 1969 to 3 Sep 1976.
A very brief summary from the RAF Museum The Dhofar War
A couple of random links here give some idea of the background and what was achieved.
The Dhofar War and the Myth of 'Localized' Conflicts | RealClearDefense
Counterinsurgency Strategy in the Dhofar Rebellion | Small Wars Journal
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