Around the world in 80 lays

Reflecting on the past thirty-eight years of existence, two character traits of mine have struck me as being quite significant. The first is my tendency to waste intellectual effort on trivial tasks, the second (as an adult) is that I have seen too much porn than is strictly healthy.

So with this in mind, I set about devising a fantasy challenge similar to that which Phileas Fogg had to face, only the key constraint here is not time, but boning.

The challenge in this intellectual exercise is to plan a world tour in which one manages to screw a pornstar that hails from any of the countries you visit. The rules are as follows:

(1) You are only allowed one pornstar per country (which means that states like Hungary might be a dilemma, whilst Afghanistan might be a problem if you don't like boys or goats). If you have to leave a country off the list because of the dearth of grotstars, so be it. In the case of the USA, you are allowed one from any of the 50 states.

(2) With the exception of any islands (or North Korea) you have to stick to the rules of geographical proximity. To travel, you need a common border to cross, or a short ferry crossing. Island states will allow you a certain degree of flexibility though.

(3) Once you reach a country, and you cannot figure out who you'd throw one up in a neighbour, you will have to jump continents and start again.

(4) The 'adult artists' in question can be female or male, retired or still doing scruff, but they have to still be alive.

To give you an example of how this would work, I started with Europe:-

UK - Cathy Barry.
France (crossing Channel) - Tabatha Cash.
Germany - Kelly Trump.
Denmark - Kira Eggers.
Norway - Vicky Vette.
Russia - Claudia Adkins.
Poland (using Kaliningrad Enclave) - Alexandra Nice.
Czech Republic - Silvia Saint.
Slovakia - Nadia Aria.
Hungary - Anita Blonde.
Romania - Rumika Powers.

And at that point I'm stuck, and have to leave for another continent.

Over to you ...

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