Around the world cycling expedition in aid of Combat Stress

Hi Guys,

Just thought that I'd let you guys know about a cycling expedition i will be doing in aid of Combat Stress.

In August of this year I will be leaving my home in Mobberley, Cheshire and embarking on a solo expedition to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle. The expedition will take me approximately two years to complete and take me through about 38,000 miles of some of the harshest conditions and terrains on the planet.

The route i will take is from the UK, through Europe, into Russia to Siberia, I will then head south through Mongolia into China and continue down to Southeast Asia, crossing to Australia. Then I will travel to South America where I will head north until I enter the USA. From there I plan to head towards the east coast of Canada, travel to England and finish my expedition where I set off. This is the basic plan for my route, pending visas, political climates etc, and so, is subject to minor changes.

If anybody wants to find out more, donate to the charity or just say hi, then visit

"The Greatest danger in life is not to take the adventure - George Mallory"

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